Thunderstorm/ Weather for today

2023-11-17 07:08:00, Sociale CNA

Thunderstorm/ Weather for today

Wet and cold air masses of northern origin that have engulfed our country will bring unsettled weather this Friday.

Rain starts in the morning hours with low intensity in the north and along the Western Lowlands. In the afternoon, we expect an increase in their intensity with rapid downpours and storms in most of the country, while in the afternoon, in short time intervals, the intensity of rainfall will be high, locally in Shkodër and Lezhë. In the mountainous reliefs in the east at altitudes above 700m, snowfalls with low intensity are predicted.

The wind will blow in the northwest-southwest direction 2-8m/s, along the coastline and the valley the wind will occasionally be intense and in the form of a storm with a speed of 13-25m/s.

The waves in the seas will be of force 2-4.

Temperatures in the minimum values ??will be 6°C while the maximum values ??will not exceed 25°C./ CNA

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