The impact of sleep on children

2023-11-16 18:47:00, Sociale Lira Gjika

The impact of sleep on children

Sleep is a very important vital process for humans and all living things.

It relaxes both the human body and psyche and regenerates it for the new day. Parents, children up to the age of 12 need 10-12 hours of sleep in a row.

Do not put them to sleep late or when you are sleeping. The children, half past eight in the evening, should find them in bed.

If they sleep after this hour, many important processes for the good growth and development of the child do not take place. The brain has its own rhythm of operation.

Putting the child to sleep at the specified time makes brain and mental processes happen at the right pace, if we adults do not respect the schedule for children, the processes do not happen or rather remain in the hands of chance.

Setting the time also helps the child to build and accept rules.

Be careful parents, don't neglect, for a little patience and will help your child to be calmer and more relaxed the next day, as well as more active to learn and acquire the new things that he will discover and learn.

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