The mentality 'imprisoned' her at home/ Floreta's meeting with the man who awakened her hope

2023-11-19 17:36:00, Sociale CNA
The mentality 'imprisoned' her at home/ Floreta's meeting with
Lindita and Floreta

After her divorce only a year and a half after the marriage, Floreta was forced to return to her parents' home in Prrenjas. The mentality of the village where she lived was hard on her and it became even stronger after the loss of her father.

With the loss of the father, the bees with which the family provided the income to live also died and no one helped them to find what to do with the few that were left.

The story that Floreta tells in "There is a Message for You" from "E Diela Shqiptare" on TV Klan is an inspiring story of how in difficult circumstances, you can find someone who gives you hope. As she struggled to attend male-only bee training and was prejudiced about her status, someone pulled her out of the mindset trap. In this way, Floreta managed to take over the family business herself.

Floreta:  Later, a lady comes to my house. The moment I talked, I felt hopeful.

Ardit Gjebrea:  Why?

Floreta:  Because that lady was a forest engineer by profession.

Ardit Gjebrea:  What is his name?

Floreta:  Lindita Kokonozi. He says to me "Floreta, where are you stuck in your profession, in your work with bees? How's your work going?" and I tell him the story that I find it very difficult from the mentality to go out and participate in the seminar. I've been going for a year, I told him, but I'm still in a big dilemma because I'm the only woman, no other women go to the seminars. She also tells me "Floret, listen, I understand your concern, I understand it very well, I am a forest engineer and I understand better than anyone else, the same thing, I also go out into the forest with men" she says, "but you have to break the mentality, you are the one who has to make this change in your country, if you don't do it, there is no one else to do it". I tell him, but how will I do it? "You will do it in order to participate in seminars, in fairs, to meet people because that way your product will stay there, you have nowhere to take your product, no one knows you".

Ardit Gjebrea:  What is your life like today?

Floreta:  Today I have transformed into another person in fact. Too bad that when I say it like that it seems like I have transformed, how can a man transform, yes. Today I am... I feel safe. Whatever difficulty I find myself in, I can solve it.

Ardit Gjebrea:  Where do you live?

Floreta:  I still live there. I live in my parents' house. Now I have only my mother.

Ardit Gjebrea:  What do you do?

Floreta:  With beekeeping. I made a park. I get there./ Klan Tv

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