Which horoscope signs are favored this week?

2023-11-19 20:57:00, Sociale CNA

Which horoscope signs are favored this week?

Scorpio season is coming to an end, and meanwhile a strong November 21 aspect between Mars in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn boosts our resolve and helps us move forward in every area. What signs are favored by this aspect?


In the coming days, Taurus will have in their hands a very important opportunity in their professional life: It is time to persevere, push the right buttons of the right people in their workplace and make the changes that they will make it easier to do their job. The joy that Taurus will get will be twofold, since love will go along with his professional work, to whatever point he is willing to take them.

The crab

The psychology of Cancers improves significantly in the following days, as they fully understand and accept that some things no longer work the way they would like and serve them. The time has come for small but important changes that will help in both professional and personal life. And if a Cancer feels like they're well on their way, they can take advantage of the situation and make a fresh start, finding a new job or changing roles in the one they already have.


Personal issues that preoccupy Scorpios and for which they usually suffer in silence begin to come into line. Not all problems will be solved in a few days, but a good start will be made in this direction. On the professional level, tensions in the workplace will be reduced, so work will be easier, while Scorpio will also enter a new phase of socialization, especially intense due to the holidays.


Various pleasant discoveries will give a new meaning to the beginning of the week that begins now, in the sense that Capricorns will learn things or confirm their suspicions, which will help them move forward at work theirs, perhaps even to the point of achievement. This is the position they have been eyeing for some time. In their love affairs, after days of doubt and tension, the situation will calm down and they will be able to enjoy some beautiful moments together with their partner.

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