Rain and snow/ Temperatures drop, weather for today

2023-11-25 08:26:00, Sociale CNA
Rain and snow/ Temperatures drop, weather for today
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The weekend is expected to have rain, snow and a significant drop in temperatures.

Cold air masses of polar origin will bring cloudy weather with rain and snow on Saturday.

Rainfall will be occasional with medium intensity and locally to high in the form of thunderstorms, accompanied by electrical discharges. 

In the mountainous areas, in the northeast at an altitude above 200 meters and in the rest of the country at an altitude above 700-800 meters, precipitation will be in the form of snow. In the northeast, snowfall is also expected to be in the form of snow storms.

But starting from Saturday evening, we expect a gradual improvement in meteorological conditions, where rain and snow will lose intensity and territory.

Sunday is expected to be mostly clear, but cold.

The wind will mainly be from the northwest with an average speed of up to 8m/sec, which occasionally gains speed of up to 16m/sec./ CNA

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