What do nails say about our health?

2023-11-29 22:27:00, Sociale CNA

What do nails say about our health?

Many autoimmune conditions or diseases send their own warning signs to our body, until they reach a point where they cause us to malfunction. 

Our nails seem to belong to this category of warning signs, as very often they can change color, shape or structure, which is the result of some health problem that worries us, even if we are not aware of it.

Certain abnormal nail patterns can indicate health problems, such as vitamin deficiencies and chronic conditions. Often, of course, nail problems are due to injury or excessive exposure to moisture. Healthy nails are considered smooth and blemish-free, but if there's something wrong with your texture and color, this guide can help you find the solution.

Yellow nails are usually caused by one of two factors: an infection or a reaction from a product you're using, such as nail polish. In rare cases, the yellow color can be a sign of a bigger problem, such as thyroid disease, psoriasis or diabetes, but it will be accompanied by many other symptoms.

If you notice black streaks, they may be a sign of an underlying problem, including psoriasis, endocarditis, or nail melanoma. 

White spots on the nails are also a very common phenomenon, which usually appear for the first time since childhood and can indicate zinc deficiency, allergic reaction or any damage to the nail./ CNA

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