The sick child and the parents' behavior

2023-11-30 20:44:00, Sociale CNA

The sick child and the parents' behavior

The mindset that the child "doesn't understand", "doesn't get along", continues to sit cross-legged in the treatment of the child and his education.

This old and harmful way avoids precisely the knowledge of the child's language, which is a science in itself, but unfortunately in our country this science is still underdeveloped.

We encounter the consequences of this absence every day in the way the child is treated, starting with the specialists, and as a result, the parents continue in the same way.

When doctors visit the child, they do not include him or her when they explain the child's situation to the parents, but speak as if the child is not there and as if he is not the sick one. Parents continue in the same way.

They talk to everyone about the child's illness, but they don't talk to the child himself. Both parties treat the child as mentally incapable of understanding the situation he is experiencing.

Neither side ignores the child's anxiety, and not because they don't love him, but because they can't believe that he can understand. This bad mentality makes both parents and doctors leave the child alone in the face of anxiety and fear, since he is the sick one and he will bear all the suffering and consequences of the disease.

No kind of assistance to support him and give justice to the fear or pain he feels. A simple conversation would be enough, talking about the disease and that he was not alone. Show him that the fear he feels is not a shame, but rather, it shows that his body and mind are working to find the right energy to heal, and together with mom, dad, and the doctor and nurse, he will go out.

To explain to them as the great Hippocrates once explained, that "the patient, the disease and the doctor are three, the patient became the doctor and defeated the disease." The patient succumbed to the disease and defeated the doctor". And so that the doctor cannot "could" heal the patient's soul, which is realized through the patient's faith in the doctor. Faith in the doctor and good treatment make the cure".

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