By Lutfi Dervishi/ Koba, as clickbait

2023-12-03 11:00:00, Opinione Lutfi Dervishi
By Lutfi Dervishi/ Koba, as clickbait
Liridona Murseli and her husband Naim Murseli

The tragedy of November 29 in Pristina, where the husband orchestrated a robbery to physically annihilate his wife, has shocked the public and left unanswered the big question: WHY?

In an act of madness a husband decides to take the life of the mother of his children leaving open a pain that cannot be closed.

The police and the prosecution seem to be doing their job professionally and in the end it will be the court that will have to deliver justice.

Meanwhile, the popular trial has taken place: Shocked people express surprise, indignation and anger at the ugly crime.

This crime has not only hurt the children and the victim's family, but also our society.

But in this open wound that is difficult to heal, "reports" and posts are throwing salt.

Dozens and hundreds of news are circulating about the photos, comments and interactions of the couple on social networks, saying that the digital traces left by the victim and the perpetrator of the crime are those traces that lead to the unraveling of the crime.

With the chaos in the victim's social network, once again the media is setting the standard of privacy violation by exploiting the disaster for a few more clicks.

This sick obsession with the private lives of the victims not only causes pain and suffering to the grieving families but also prolongs their agony.

The barrage of news and posts on social networks keeps the wound open and with unverified reporting risks gangrenous new wounds.

This sensationalist approach does not consider the long-term impact on the victims' loved ones, especially the children left behind.

The intensive coverage of murders also leads to the normalization of violence and the passing of suffering into the background.

The role of the media in reporting tragic events is irreplaceable, but it cannot be done at the expense of human dignity and pain.

The hunger for clicks should never overshadow the responsibility to inform with sensitivity and respect.

The job of the media is to show the wounds and perhaps it is too much to ask that the media contribute to the healing, but at least not throw salt in the open wound and not open new wounds!

Perhaps the old postulate applies as a guide: "Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you".

However, up to this point, the prayer is to appeal to the conscience, in the absence of ethics and the force of the law, which almost never comes alive when it should.

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