Two words for December 8 (probably the last as a political pensioner!...)

2023-11-29 10:22:00, Opinione Ardi Stefa

Two words for December 8 (probably the last as a political pensioner!...)

In a few days, Albania will celebrate December 8. It is one of those days where memories enliven the thoughts and feelings of those who experienced them and fought with courage, idealism and virtue for Democracy. For the true Freedom and Independence of the homeland.

Of course, the biggest fanfare and the most beautiful festive words will be said by those who tried to extinguish and invalidate that date, that day. Those who manipulated history, distorted the facts, who came as emissaries to kill the dreams, hope, naivety and ideals of the generation of December '90!

33 years have passed and the messages of that era remain relevant. Democracy and freedoms are at the mercy of oligarchic powers. Authoritarian and clientelistic mechanisms empower consciences and behaviors.

Nothing is like yesterday. The invisible networks of the digital world serve the interests of the few, who violate all "privacy" to gather information and exploit it.

"Media democracy" feeds and sustains the "democracy of the few". Information, as a force of power and control, reigns supreme as the most valuable commodity on the planet. The chronicle of a foretold death looms on the horizon.

Every year, together with my friends, I commemorate December 8 in my own way.

Not as those revolutionaries of 2014 or those of 2021 commemorate, those who glorify the leader, who not only brought freedom and democracy, but also did a lot of other bravery. Not like those who glorify themselves after the leader; who poured bullets into the mouth of the savage enemy, who broke history with a sword in hand, who resisted the Turk for hundreds of years, who grabbed the cannon by the throat, who threw their guns over the wire, who rode the tank barefoot and with a grenade in hand , who threw Italy into the sea, kicked out Germany, who showed the country to America for over 70 years, and who have historically been caught for Cello's mustache.

Not like those who blew up churches and mosques, who have voluntarily spied on each other, have talked communist nonsense in meetings, approved with thunderous applause and cheers the most monstrous punishments, instead of repenting and praying to God to forgive their sins, because they have become incredibly rich by robbing the properties and lives of Albanians, while their sons and daughters roam around America, Germany, England and Colombia, poisoning the minds of Albanians with the drugs they bring; who order the clearing murders of Albanians, who raised corruption in the system, killing everything pure, for which we fought...

Not like those who on December 8 will come out and sell their morals and lies.

That they will talk about the freedom and democracy that did not come properly and about their revolutions.

No generation has heard so much criticism and glorification and no generation has recognized such falsification in its contribution and presence in modern history as our generation has.

That's why every December 8th we read ironic comments, not only from the left or "right", but also from those analysts who were not born then, who with attractive abstractions for the ear, but out of reality question not only the events as they really happened, not only the drive and idealism of that generation, but mislead public opinion with their hatred, almost "cynical realists", with their hatred for what they will never be able to do.

In fact, by hitting the students, they give life to the lie and historical manipulation of those who were in charge of Albania these 33 years.

The fact that the evolution of a political party, or the individual career of some protagonists of that era, is not in honor of the efforts or struggle they made in the past, should not be a reason to nullify their contributions and rewrite the history of distorted and with dubious and lying characters and protagonists.

Therefore, it is necessary to write the History of those years correctly. To convey the experiences and feelings of my generation, who fought for "Freedom and Democracy". To transmit these experiences to the new generation. To make her rebellion, with her participation in the commons against authoritarian powers.

Why today?

Because the events and developments of the successive crises, the lack of freedom and the killing of hope, the dulling of the mind and the political malaise take us dangerously back to the past. Authoritarian regimes in Albania, historically, but especially in these 33 years of "democracy", set fire to the peaceful political coexistence of Albanians. Freedoms in various forms are dangerously violated. Fear and patronage is spreading everywhere, in every cell of society. Political anarchy and lack of politics kill any hope that Albania can become.

Today's young generation is facing big and serious problems. The consequences, financial and psychological, are dramatic. Poor quality education, poor health, zero employment, dead hope, which pushes them either towards crime, or towards leaving Albania once and for all.

But crises are at the same time a new opportunity for reflection and action.

In this new environment, (and I'm only talking about Albania, not about geopolitics, because it's not my field) the messages of our rebel generation against the authoritarian and inhuman regime of the communist dictatorship are becoming relevant again. Peace, Freedom, Democracy, Independence and Prosperity are being challenged and threatened dangerously. We all know that these words record humanity's most precious possessions. But we easily forget to take care of them.

Maybe the time has come for the new generation to take initiatives. With individual and collective struggles to resist the authoritarian powers that threaten Democracy, Freedoms and ourselves. To challenge and fight Lies, Fraud and Corruption in the system. To revive hope.

To strengthen the quality of democracy. To challenge and demand new rights, freedoms and opportunities. These messages and slogans of my generation, I believe, remain relevant and useful at all times.

In difficult times, such as those we are going through today, the wars for Democracy and Freedom remain more relevant than ever. Of course, the road to Freedom and Democracy is not paved with flowers. However, December 8, 1990 reminds us that the impossible can become possible, as long as thoughts are transformed into actions!

Therefore, December 1990 every year and every anniversary has been and will be the golden chance of Albanian politics, which has not been used until now, to become the modern voice of logic and progress. / CNA

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