By Lutfi Dervishi/ Bankruptcy of speech...

2023-12-01 20:16:00, Opinione Lutfi Dervishi

By Lutfi Dervishi/ Bankruptcy of speech...

The word and the messenger have a strong protection in the Canon: "The word does not kill", "The messenger is not guilty".

At the same time, on the other hand, Kanun is harsh with gossipers and gossipers:

"He who sows bad words and slurs, sometimes for one person and sometimes for another, is called by the mouth of the canon 'Argat i evil' - no one calls him to work, no one pays him a salary." (Word; node 86)

But unfortunately, words, once the pillar of communication, are crumbling from the weight of lies, tricks, rumors and are being devalued in the face of propaganda, false promises and conspiracy theories.

It is forgotten that "The man is caught by the words" and "The word is nothing, it is broken".

The power of speech is increasingly undermined by accusations against journalists, whose integrity has been shaken by accusations of corruption and blackmail, as well as by the hunger for attention or more clicks.

In this maelstrom of digital madness, charlatans, megalomaniacs, mythomaniacs and self-proclaimed "prophets" are rising up.

The metamorphosis of words, from means of communication, to ammunition for political battles, is clear as crystal in the Parliament, on the 15 television channels with 24 hours "news", on the other 56 generalist televisions, on the 800 portals dedicated to news and without question , in the endless bush of social networks.

Social networks and portals, the battlefield of our digital age, through torrents of hate and aided by anonymity, ensure that the vortex of chaos is not absent even for a minute.

Televisions with an elephantine appetite for "debate" are turning information into cacophony. Any hope for some clarity and understanding is drowned in the ocean of words.

The nocturnal debates resemble Shakespearean plays, where the protagonists are not kings and queens, but "big heads" who predict death, bloodshed, backstabbing, arrests, investments, rumbles and furies.

In this daily and nightly circus, the officials/government officials who have taken on the unsolicited task of whistleblowers reporting for themselves how well they are working for this blessed country and how much they are spending to realize the centuries-old dream of the people. for EU membership.

Saying the last word at the beginning has become the motto of public discourse.

Sadly, the country finds itself not in an information society, but in a rumor society, where the line between fact and fiction is blurred by smokescreens of propaganda and disinformation, making it increasingly challenging, even obliterating, to distinguish between reality from illusion.

Words are thrown into the air, not with the intention of understanding, but simply to make noise like argument dioxide more harmful than carbon dioxide itself.

The dialogue has turned into a chaotic monologue, where the "guests" try to dominate the scene by reporting not what is true in reality, but what they want to sell that is true in their radaka. Dialogue no longer means an exchange of ideas, but a competition to see who produces the loudest decibels. (Accusations and counter-accusations no longer make any impression)

The first victim of this communication crap remains the weakest of our time... the truth.

Democracy, fragile as it is, turns to cacophony, words lose their power and nothing impresses anymore.

Say what you want, show as much as you want, expose the biggest scandal.. nothing happens, thus throwing out the manuals of communication, journalism and related fields.

In a race to surpass art, today's state of communication reminds John Snow in "Game of Thrones", one of the most beloved characters also for the fact that he tried to proclaim the truth to his opponent and who says: "When there are people who make false promises, words have no meaning anymore. There are no more questions, only more and more beautiful lies".

Let's leave it at that, as I am convinced that the reading diet that is spreading nowadays, does not allow swallowing more words than this...

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