Sali Berisha's analysis/ Albania, from an old occupation to a new occupation

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Sali Berisha's analysis/ Albania, from an old occupation to a new
Sali Berisha

November 28, 1944 is not only the day of Independence, but also the day of the liberation of Albania. Even today, the descendants of the Stalinist dictator continue to celebrate according to the Enveristo-Serbian rite on November 29, that is, with the date forged by Enver Hoxha by order of Belgrade, even after celebrating the first two years of this holiday on November 28. The importance of this position lies in the fact that Enver Hoxha falsified this date to consider this holiday not with the Day of Liberation, but with the national holiday of the Federation of Yugoslavia, with the day of its announcement in Jajce, on November 29 1943. So he falsified the date of liberation so that after the union of Albania as the 7th Republic with the Federation of Yugoslavia, the Albanians would also celebrate on November 29 together with the other republics, but of course not Jajca because they had not been there. but the Liberation of the country.

But unfortunately, even to this day, there are Albanian-speakers, such as Edi Rama, the Argati of Belgrade or Pashiq of Tirana, who even today continue to have Belgrade as their Mecca.

On this note I will dwell on another fundamental aspect of this date, the most undeniable historical truth, that November 28, 1944 marked not only liberation from a foreign occupation, but also the replacement of that occupation with a double occupation. , another foreign invasion and a domestic invasion like never before. After this, an Albanian-Serbian clique sat on the throne of power in Tirana with the main project of destroying the independent state of the Albanians.

Today local and foreign historians and researchers with their serious and numerous publications based on thousands of documents from the archives of the country, those of the war allies and other countries have rewritten history in the light of undeniable historical truths. They, with their very important works, have melted the ice, the high mountain of falsifications of the Hodgist hysteriography, like the rays of the sun. Therefore, today, based on scientific historical truths, is the time for deep reflection by every Albanian, wherever he lives, about our history as a whole, as well as in the specific case around this date, the studies, the basic publications of this quarter of a century based on thousands of documents and reports of time have exhaustively proven that JBTito and the Communist Party of Yugoslavia for the interests of Serbia founded with two main goals with their envoys in November 1941 in Tirana, the Communist Party of Albania, as a branch of the Communist Party of Serbia led by Popovic- Mugosha. The first and most important goal was to create a Trojan horse, that is, a Yugoslav party and movement in Tirana directed and ordered and used by them against Albanian issues. The second goal was that, following the orders of the Comintern after the Nazi attack on the Soviet Union, this force and this Albanian-Serbian movement mobilized the Albanians in the war against the invaders.

In this context, the Serbian-Montenegrin communists wrote the program of this party without even once referring to Kosovo and the Albanian issue, they put Miladin Popovic at its head and appointed Enver Hoxha and other vassals around him. So the Serbian-Montenegrin representatives of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia (PKJ), as Tito himself claims, founded, led and ordered the Communist Party of Albania (PKSH) and its partisan units throughout the war as a Yugoslav and more specifically Serbian party and movement.

PKJ with its trojan horse PKSH successfully managed to block the unification of Albanians in Albania and the unification of the Albanian nation as a whole in the fight against the invaders.

With the direct help of PKSH and Enver Hoxha and Albanians originating from Kosovo such as Fadil Hoxha, etc. who were sent there on a mission, they managed to place Kosovo under the control of PKJ, despite the fact that the Kingdom of the South Slavs and their federation did not exist. Tito and PKJ through their Yugoslav movement that they founded in Tirana accomplished the above by completely excluding the national issue from the PKSH program.

Likewise, they imposed the immediate cancellation of the Mukje Agreement, the ignoring and nullification of the Bujan Agreement, and ordered the dispatch of Albanian partisan brigades and divisions to Kosovo under the pretext of liberation from the Germans, but in fact as a vanguard of its invasion by Serbian divisions. -Montenegro and its placement in military administration by Tito.

In addition to these, historians and researchers have proven with incontrovertible documents that: the Yugoslav leaders and their tool Enver Hoxha after September 1943, degraded the Albanians' fight against the invaders into a mainly civil fratricidal war and that the KPSH, as Enver Hoxha himself unanimously admits and the other leadership of this party in the second plenum of Berat implemented a terrorist political line during the war, i.e. it acted as a terrorist organization, committing in tens and hundreds of genuine terrorist acts.

The studies of the last decades based on countless documents have proven that the Serbs and Enver Hoxha and their other Albanian vassals at the head of the partisan army of Albania committed genocide and serious crimes against humanity against the Albanians during the war against the invaders.

This terrorist clique violated in hundreds and hundreds of cases the international conventions of Geneva and The Hague for the protection of the civilian population, prisoners of war, the sick and wounded of war, etc., etc.

The truth forces you, therefore today it is in the interest of every Albanian, of his truest historical report of the Nation, to ask the question: Were we Albanians really freed on November 28, 1944?

In trying for an objective answer to this question, we will find that the truth of our liberation, and here I am not talking about the date 28 or 29, but about liberation as such, is a coin with two sides.

On the one hand, it is true that, in relation to the German occupation, we were liberated after the defeated Germans withdrew from Albania and we emerged from the Second World War as ranked on the side of the victorious Allies.

On this same day, Enver Hoxha was installed in Tirana with his government as the winner and delivered a long victory speech. For this historical act, thousands of boys and girls, men and women of our nation sacrificed their lives and youth during the war and tens of thousands of others fought with courage and determination against the Nazi fascist invaders and thus placed Albania on the right side of history.

The honor for those who sacrificed their lives for the ideals of freedom will remain eternal. Their blood and sacrifice is the foundation of our national freedom. As such, the honor will remain for all those who fought against the invaders for national freedom and did not behave during the war like Cain towards their brothers, did not commit acts of terrorism, genocide and crimes against humanity. While the latter for their crimes have ended up where they belong, like the executioners of their people, in the dustbin of history.

I want to add here that these historical truths cannot be denied, regardless of the monstrous manipulations and falsifications of the war by the Hodgist historians, such as: increasing the number of casualties by several times, inventing even unreal battles, exaggerating the losses caused the enemy, etc., etc. These truths about the partisan war cannot be denied even by the genocide and crimes against humanity that the Albanian-Slavic communist leadership committed during the war and for which they deserve every punishment, and they cannot even be denied by the fratricide and civilian character that dominated this war after Enver Hoxha and his clique for the purposes of personal power and ordered by his Serbian masters, gave it after he kicked the historic Mukje Agreement in September 1943.

In her idea, the war against the invaders was a just war.

The Anglo-American allies had recognized, valued and supported, financed and supplied the partisan army with weapons, uniforms, food and specialists. Their governments had welcomed the Albanians' fight against the invaders from the beginning. Undeniably, the communist partisan forces were the most organized and numerical units in the theater of war in Albania, and this is not because of their broad support among the people, but first of all because of the undeniable weaknesses of the Albanian nationalists. It is right and fully justified and I think it is mandatory to severely condemn all the inhumane anti-national attitudes of the Serbo-Albanian clique that led the Parisian war. But it is very wrong to deny the war, the blood shed and the great sacrifices that the partisans made for freedom.

We must never forget that being on the right side of the Second World War had a special importance for Albania. This is not only for the national dignity of the Albanians, but also for the fact that with all the support that the allies had given to the Albanian people's fight against the invaders, those who were at the head of the time had left the issue open and here apparently under the influence of Greece of defining the borders of Albania. According to them, Albania's borders would be determined after the war at the Peace Conference. Here, more than in any other direction, lies the undeniable importance of Albania's ranking on the side of the allies. After ranking on the opposite side, it could also be accompanied by heavy penalties as a losing party. But the question of establishing the borders of Albania at the Peace Conference, carried in itself the possibility of the union of Kosovo and other Albanian territories with Albania, of course this in the event that the Albanians would fight united against the Nazi-fascist invaders as they decided with the mediation of British allies in Mukje.

- But the other side, the black side of the medal of November 28, 1944, that is, the date of liberation, is that this date would not actually mark the true liberation of the Albanians and Albania, but would only mark or bring about the replacement of the occupation German with its specifics, with the Serbian, Yugoslav invasion, many times more dangerous for the existence of the Albanian nation, as well as the establishment of the most brutal, monist 46-year dictatorship, as the most barbaric internal invasion that the Albanians had known in their entire history. So that this November day of 1944, instead of being the day of the national miracle and the year 1944 being an annus mirabilis, is the day of the establishment of a black occupation and an annus horribilis for the Albanians.

Here below I will briefly dwell on the establishment of the Serbian, Yugoslav occupation after November 28, 1944 in Albania.

The replacement of the invasions happened because, in Tirana, the party and the army established, directed and led by the Serbs of PKJ and Tito, and their tool Enver Hoxha, who after selling Kosovo, had decided and were working to come to power together with Belgrade for the ominous and anti-national project, the annexation of Albania as the 7th Republic of Yugoslavia. So, on November 28, 1944, Albanians celebrated liberation, freedom, cheering for a Yugoslav-Albanian terrorist clique that installed itself in power in Tirana and entered a new double occupation, the Yugoslav occupation and the communist occupation.

Father Zef Pëllumbi, a witness to the liberation of Shkodra, writes in his masterpiece 'Rrno only me telle' that: on November 29, Shkodra was filled with Yugoslav flags and that in the belfry of the city's Cathedral, the Albanian flag without a star was replaced by a partisan with the Yugoslav flag. So in the eternal city of Albanians, the flag of the new invaders was flying, as a tragic proof of the replacement of the invaders. The flag of the fleeing conqueror was replaced not by the national flag, but by the flag of the new conqueror. Thus, on November 28, 1994, the Albanians celebrated the liberation, the freedom that was cheated like never before in their history and most of them probably not realizing that on this very date they entered a new occupation. More precisely, they cheered on that day an Albanian-Yugoslav clique led by Enver Hoxqn who was installed in power with the macabre project of destroying their national freedom, the Independence of Albania and its annexation as the 7th Republic in the Federation of Slavs the south dominated by the Serbs, the centuries-old enemies of the Albanian Nation.

After this day, November 28, 1944, the installation in Tirana of the Albanian-Serbian clique of Enver Hoxha, the placement of the north of Albania and then Kosovo by Tito under military occupation and administration, genocide and crimes against humanity in Albania and Kosovo, will they would take dozens, thousands of innocent lives or they would remove hundreds, thousands of Albanians from the country. With this brutal violence and terror against the Albanians, Tito with his vassal Enver Hoxha, with their partisan armies would continue to resolutely implement the ?ubrilovi? doctrine in Kosovo, but in a certain way also in the north of Albania and military manu would eliminate every obstacle on the way to the complete re-annexation of Kosovo as a province of the Republic of Serbia, as well as to the annihilation of the independence of Albania and the union of the latter with the Federation of South Slavs, as its seventh Republic.

The annexation of Albania by the Yugoslav Federation was the last act of the great Albanian tragedy that Josif Broz Tito and PKSH and Enver Hoxha were carrying out against the Albanians. This act was the culmination of the installation of the Trojan horse in Tirana, the total ignoring during the war by Enver Hoxha, of the issue of Kosovo and other Albanian countries in the former Yugoslavia, their placement under PKJ and the full support of the invasion. Serb of these Albanian lands. The annexation of Albania as the 7th Republic of the former Yugoslavia was a project of Tito and the Yugoslav leadership, since the years of the war. With the inclusion of Albania as the 7th Republic of the Yugoslav Federation, in addition to the old dream of Serbia, its exit to Durrës, according to them, the problem of the Kosovo Albanians in the framework of the Federation of Yugoslavia would also receive a final solution. In fact, it seems that for this project, they had convinced even Stalin himself, who, in the meeting with Tito and his delegation in Moscow, ordered them to "devour Albania". Indeed, in the AVNOJ document, in November 1943, the Yugoslav communist leadership did not invite the representatives of Kosovo at all and, contrary to what it had promised, left Kosovo as a province of Serbia. In this conference, Tito announced on paper the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and its units or republics. He in this document had left open the possibility of the admission of other republics to the federation, of course without nominally citing Albania, but understanding it, first of all.

So that after November 28, 1944, not by chance, but in function of the implementation of the project of the annexation of Albania by Tito's federation, in the offices of the new government in Tirana, at all its levels in the party, government, army, police, insurance, education, trade, construction, mining, etc., etc., thousands of Yugoslav advisers, the real decision-makers of the country, would flood. Rapid Yugoslavization and in every cell of the Albanian state and society was their main mission. In fact, the Yugoslav authorities, with Hoxha's permission, would install in Shkodër, legally, a section of their famous OZNA service, which operated and exercised terror in the same way as in Kosovo, independently and with full authority over Albanian citizens throughout the north of the country. . This section of the OZNA, independently of the Albanian authorities, stopped, arrested, kidnapped to the former Yugoslavia, and even shot within the territory of Albania, hundreds and hundreds of Albanians, whom this service considered anti-Yugoslav. In close cooperation with Tito's advisors and with special zeal and enthusiasm, the communist leadership of Albania would complete and sign with lightning speed, in December 1944, the Treaty of Cooperation and Bilateral Assistance between Tirana and Belgrade, as a legal prelude to the union between the two countries. The lightning treaty was signed by Marshal Tito himself.

Both governments, in the process of the complete union of both countries, signed a series of other agreements for economic, customs and monetary union. Completely different from what was presented later by the Hodgist historians, E. Hoxha signed and agreed to deploy Yugoslav army divisions in Albania, and after that, he proposed to Tito, the unification of the armies with a common Command and General, i.e. unification of the military command of both armies

In the country's education system, at all levels, Serbian would become a compulsory language. All the schools, classrooms and their courtyards were filled with songs and cheers for Marrshalli Tito. Music, folklore, other Yugoslav artistic productions would fill the void created by the ban on the literary and artistic works of Albanian writers and artists who had not supported or opposed the establishment of the communist regime in Albania. Enver Hoxha would give speeches in Kuç e gjetiu against Fishta, he would compare the genius of the epic of our letters with Vladan Gjeorgjevic, the former Serbian prime minister in 1913, who had committed the biggest massacres against Albanians and had said that "Albanians, they are primitive people".

The Albanian economy was placed entirely in the hands and control of dozens and hundreds of Yugoslav enterprises, which were quickly established in Albania. All commercial exchanges were made almost exclusively with Belgrade. Only in these exchanges, among others, Belgrade stole from Albania the colossal amount of over 200 tons of gold, and thousands of tons of other goods which the communist rulers confiscated, with blood and iron, from Albanian merchants, entrepreneurs, citizens and took from Yugoslavia as against the value of workshops, wagons, worthless scrap metal. For Enver Hoxha and his Serbophile anti-Albanian suite, the disappearance from the map of independent Albania, its union with the Federation of Yugoslavia as its 7th Republic, was the best, most secure future of the Albanian nation.

In the context of the annexation of Albania, the annihilation of its independence, in the meeting of the Political Bureau, dt. January 8, 1945, Enver Hoxha, as the main promoter of the union of Albania with Yugoslavia, proposes "the union of the PKSH with the PKJ, on a federative basis, with the General Secretary of the PKSH Mareshall Titon, as a necessary condition for the union of Albania with the Yugoslav Federation. Decision his for the disappearance of Albania's independence and its union as the 7th republic with the Yugoslav Federation, Enver Hoxha, would also testify through a letter addressed to Josif Broz Tito, regarding the union of Albania with Yugoslavia. In this letter, among others, Enver Hoxha writes: "by Comrade Savo, we have been suggested ..... another step forward in relation to the formation of our states, that is, in the event that we go as soon as possible to the union of our two peoples", and that: "this union, there is nothing formal, but it is deeply felt in the hearts of our people. We must work concretely for the federation and for this thing, in our country we work with all forms", and continues "but the issue is that we must take the first initiative to request this thing, as it was suggested to us by the Yugoslav comrades that I mentioned above" and regarding this issue Hoxha continues "we need to be told by you if the moment has come when we should consider the issue of unification and come to conclusions", and finally "we are convinced that, as the Central Committee of Yugoslavia will clarify and advise us on the steps and socially on this important issue for both our countries".

In this line is Tito's statement, given to the AP agency, in 1946, that, "Kosovo and other Albanian territories will be annexed to Albania". This statement was made solely with the project of "devouring ethnic Albania", that is, Albania, Kosovo and other Albanian territories, as well as their transformation into the seventh Republic of Yugoslavia.

This ominous project, in which the clock of the Albanian nation had stopped even walking with the clock of Belgrade, which was going safely and unstoppably towards its realization, would fail only because of the worsening and rapid breakdown of relations between Stalin and Tito , this breakdown had nothing to do with Albania or Albanian-Yugoslav relations, but of course, now Stalin would not accept the annexation of Albania by his enemy Tito.

These data irrefutably prove that what is called the date of liberation and that the Albanian left as a whole, from Enver Hoxha to today's neo-blokmen, keep it for genuine ideological reasons as their main holiday, they celebrate it more than any other holiday. the next is simultaneously for the Albanian nation a day with a black mortgage, even the blackest in the calendar of the Albanian state. This day marks the departure, the withdrawal of the last German from Albania and the establishment of the new and complete occupation of the Albanians by the Serbs, their centuries-old enemies. Albanians and Serbs had faced each other dozens and dozens of times over the centuries. From the middle of the 1800s onwards, the Serbs had completely won all the wars against the Albanians, they had emerged in Durrës and occupied most of our territories, they had committed genocide and the most terrible massacres against us. But after all these wars, the Serbs had the political, military and financial help of the biggest empires of the time, except Austria-Hungary. Whereas their greatest victory over the Albanian nation, the victory of November 28, 1994, the Serbs achieved not with the support and direct intervention on their side of the Great Powers, but through the Albanians, the Yugoslav movement that they founded and led in Albania and Kosovo with Enver Hoxha and their tools. It is tragic that today, after 76 years, the Albanian left in Albania, led by the argat of Belgrade, Edi Ramë, although the former invaders of that time are our friends and strategic partners, holds as its main holiday the day of the departure of the last German from Albania and the first day of the Serbian invasion, and this only as a legacy of the barbaric and traitorous fathers.

Tragic that today, after 7 decades, Edvin Kristaq Rama declares to the Albanians that he has a friend and is proud of his friendship with the Serbian President Aleksander Vu?i?, the former Geobels of Milosevic who during his last visit to the North of Kosovo would swear that Serbia will to become bigger, it goes without saying that by taking and clearing other territories of Kosovo.

Only two months ago, this Serb would declare that the goal of the Albanian leadership in Kosovo is: 'the destruction of our state', that is, it wants to keep the state of Serbia in the Independent Republic of Kosovo.

It is tragic that today, after two decades of the liberation of Kosovo, the argat of Belgrade in Tirana or Pashiqi of Tirana, just like Enver Hoxha, Miladinet Dushanet, Fadil Hoxhët, holds in his hands and waves the black flag of Greater Serbia. In the project of the division and fragmentation of Kosovo, Edvin Kristaq Rama, in an act of open national treason, joined Albania in the Belgrade-Skopje-Tirana Trilateral Alliance and placed Kosovo in the grip of hostile Serbian-Albanian-Macedonian cliques in the Open Balkans initiative, which openly opposes Berlin's initiative.

After the barbaric aggression of Vladimir Putin's Russia against Ukraine and the imposition of sanctions by the European Union and NATO against Russia, the little Putin of the Balkans, Aleksandar Vucic, refused to implement these sanctions. Edi Rama, as a vassal of Vu?i?, went from summit to summit, calling openly that Serbia should not be asked to implement the sanctions and directly defending his master and the transformation of Serbia into a powerful rear of Russia, de facto more than ever in a Little Russia in the Balkans. Meanwhile, this fierce enemy of the Albanian Nation would be the first in Europe to impose sanctions on Kosovo in a shameful and hostile act.

In addition to these, Edi Rama as a vassal of Belgrade is implementing in Albania the policy of national depopulation and denationalization. With violence, terror, the theft of the vote, the robbery of billions and billions of euros from the public funds and assets of Albanians worse than any other conqueror in its entire history, he transformed Albanians into the people of the rafts and with murder of hope from the country in 10 years 1.1 million Albanians or 35% of the population, i.e. more than any other nation's civil war.

Today, he has concentrated all the powers in his hands, he has created the first and only narco-state in Europe, based on crime, drugs, theft of Albanians. So today, for every Albanian, the call is for battles without return to overthrow his regime.

PS This article is reprinted with changes due to currentness.

I also add that in this article I focused only on the one tragic aspect that carries what is celebrated as the day of liberation and not on its more catastrophic aspect as the first day of the establishment of the most equal dictatorship of all times in Albania, the Dictatorship Hoxhiste./ CNA

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