Evi Kokalari, this Christine Deviers-Joncour of modern times!

2022-06-18 16:52:00, Opinione Ilirjan Blloshmi
Evi Kokalari, this Christine Deviers-Joncour of modern times!
Activist Evi Kokalari

The monarchists, to the great anger of the partisans, called the republic "Wicked Woman"; the time of these epithets is completely over.

Now, without being touched, without being insulted, the strongest words are used bluntly to describe this or that scandal.

Thus, Evi Kokalari, this Christine Deviers-Joncour of modern times, who is the "daughter" of these "strict knights" of conservatism, deems it right to attack anyone who violates her personal, political, economic interests.

The "Putan Republic" (ie those who do not think like Evi) deserve to be confronted, attacked, disrespected, etc., etc.

The flattering nicknames Evi uses for anyone who opposes her or has a different opinion of her are as fixed as the characters in Christine Deviers-Joncour's book.

Without upsetting Evin this Christine Deviers-Joncour of modern times and regardless of the manner and quality of the "payment" of services to the "knights of conservatism".

It will be neither the first nor the last that he gives to his politicians, overloaded with work, for help and for relaxation… .. love.

Like Christine Deviers-Joncour and Evi are serving a political clan that hypocrisy, cynicism, lying, cheating, stealing, have religion.

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