The sin of the woman ?!

2022-06-18 10:24:00, Opinione Mitro Çela
The sin of the woman ?!
Illustrative photo


Sat. Sad. Sy bojqiell. Black hair. Long.

-My husband beats me!

-Did you report it to the police?

-I'm Catholic. I went to church. I confessed.

-Father! Have I betrayed my husband?

-Why did you sin my daughter? Out of lust for another man?

-No Padre! It started as revenge for the man who hit me?! ...

-I work at TEG. Saleswoman. The boss is Italian. Beautiful! One night. At the station. The bus was late ... I do not know: I wanted to be late ...

Passes the boss by car. Hipa.

We walked ... We got on the elevator. A door opened.

An apartment like in the movies. The boss gave me a refreshing drink ... He told me:

-You are tired! Do you want to take a shower?

I got up ... I went into the bathroom. Luxury. I remembered Berisha:

"The young bourgeoisie bathe in bathtubs washed with gold.

I was shocked. I went into the bathtub ... I started to wash.

U hap dera. I covered my chest with my hair. With bird-hands.

-Can I wash too? -Said the boss sweetly?

Open your hands. I saw paradise.

Was this a sin, Father? Can god curse me?

-My daughter! Your husband has pushed you to sin ...

Sin is part of human life. If people did not sin, there would be no church.

I returned home. Tek dera burri:

-Why are you late?

-I was in church?

-So! Did you confess to the priest? ...

Look at the lights bill. Fine of 7 million ALL. Go confessed to Fiks Fare. If you adjust the bill, I will also become a priest: I will forgive sin! ...Understand...

Dajakun ... pret ...

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