VIDEO-Luiz Ejlli, "phenomenon" on social networks/ Fans dedicate songs to her

2023-01-23 15:32:00, Lifestyle CNA

VIDEO-Luiz Ejlli, "phenomenon" on social networks/ Fans dedicate songs

One of the most commented and liked characters of the moment is the singer Luiz Ejlli.

With his entry into Big Brother Vip, he managed to return to the limelight, becoming a phenomenon on social networks.

Before becoming part of the reality show, Luiz had only 2 thousand followers on Instagram and now in less than a month he has reached 298 thousand followers.

With the dynamics he has created inside the famous house, with his humor or his love for the moderator Kiara Tito, Luiz Ejlli is one of the names that in social media is known as the winner of this edition.

From the first days of the show, Ejlli stirred up the network with a confession in which he stated that he was suffering from a serious illness, which he later denied, leading to hints that scenarios were being made, and that the singer was actually sick.

After that, the support for him increased even more, where dozens of the singer's supporters stayed outside the walls of Big Brother Vip.

Despite the attacks that have been made on the singer, he continues to be a phenomenon on social networks.

There are many sympathizers, where some of them have even dedicated songs to Louise Aile.  

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