Olta Gixhari shows the high "standards" / "100 thousand euros for me is nothing"

2023-01-21 15:16:00, Lifestyle CNA

Olta Gixhari shows the high "standards" / "100 thousand euros for

One of the contestants of "Big Brother Vip Albania 2", actress Olta Gixhari has declared that 100 thousand euros is nothing for her.

In a conversation with Ronaldo Sharka, Gixhari said that for the living she makes and the standards she has, 100,000 euros is not a staggering figure.

Then she continued the conversation and mentioned that no one can get 100 thousand euros because it is a very high figure.

 " €100,000 doesn't seem like a crazy number to me, you never get €100,000, there are taxes. Even 85,000 euros doesn't seem like much to me, you can buy that much of a car. This has nothing to do with winning, because I can take the money and give it to charity. 80 thousand euros is not a figure that changes your life. Let's say we both don't have the same standard of living. With the standard of living that I have, 80 thousand euros is very little. If you take it as a tangerine, take it "- said Olta./ CNA.al



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