Mirush Kabashi's daughter names her son the actor's name

2024-04-23 17:19:00, Lifestyle CNA

Mirush Kabashi's daughter names her son the actor's name

In an interview, before he passed away, Mirush Kabashi expressed the wish that when his daughter Mendi's son was born, he would be called Isa, in honor of Isa Boletini. The origin of the actor was from Gjakova and he wanted a part of Kosovo to be preserved in this way in his family.

However, the separation from the life of the great artist has made the daughter decide to preserve the continuity by naming her son Mirush. Mendi, in an interview, confessed why he did not fulfill his father's wish.

When asked what is the name Mendi has given her son, she gave this answer.

"Matias Mirush Kabashi, the boy has a first and last name. If Mirushi was still among us, I would probably, not maybe, but I would certainly name Isa, but I could not name Isa if... I believe in continuity and for me this is continuity. My son is very young now, he is a month and a half... He does not understand the value and the history that this name carries with it and the destiny and the pride that it will cover and the privilege that it will have with it.'- she said. CNA


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