"I would sell it for 10 million euros"/ Rovena Dilo reveals the reason why she will not be part of BBV

2024-04-23 10:29:00, Lifestyle CNA
"I would sell it for 10 million euros"/ Rovena Dilo reveals the reason
Singer Rowena Dilo

Singer Rovena Dilo has revealed the reason why she is not part of reality shows such as Big Brother Vip or Love Island.

During an interview on the Aldo Morning Show show, the singer said that she does not like her name and surname to be associated with a program.

She says that she would be a part if the price was 10 million euros, but this does not happen anywhere in the world and so she chooses not to be part of the reality show.

"It's not that I haven't had a request to enter Big Brother VIP. But how do I know, ask those who invited me... The request has been annual to enter Big Brother VIP, but I have chosen not to become part, because I love my name and surname very much, so I am Rovena Dilo and I never want to be Rovena of Big Brother. I would not sell this or sell it for 10 million euros so that no one not in Albania, but in any country in the world, so I'm fine."

While there are big reservations for the show Love Island.

"So much worse then Love Island. Love Island is a program that… I don't know, that's how well informed I am."

According to the singer, every person in life has his bad moments, but he chooses himself whether to show them in public or not.

"I go on stage, sing and perform, so I give my best, I give the best of Rowena for this audience. Why should this audience that has heard me, seen me sing "I surrender", "Confession", "There to my land", see me in a dish? I call this kind of… Not eating, but seeing me on a plate, I said it in a metaphorical sense, seeing me at my worst.”/ CNA

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