The wiretaps are revealed/ This is how much Alma Kaçi was paid for filming the erotic video

2024-04-17 22:10:00, Lifestyle CNA
The wiretaps are revealed/ This is how much Alma Kaçi was paid for
Alma Kaçi

The reasoned decision of the GJKKO for the sentence of 2 years in prison for the former mayor of Kukës, Safet Gjici, and 1 year in prison for Alma Kaçi has been revealed. The latter filmed the video of the sexual act in the office of Gjici in the municipality of Kukës. 

According to the Special Court, it turns out that Alma Kaçi was asked to perform this act and film it by the citizen Abedin Oruçi, who paid him about 4 thousand euros.

Meanwhile, as revealed in the following conversations, Oruçi asks not to reveal that they cooperated together and that he paid for it, as he is afraid of wiretapping. 


From the communications dated 06.06.2023 with the citizen Abedin Oruçi, after the occurrence of the sexual act with the defendant Safet Gjici (referred to the communication schedule), it is understood that the defendant Alma Kaçi gave the card where the sexual video was recorded to the citizen Abedin Oruçi and wants to take it that from the latter.

From the communications, it appears that Abedin Oruçi takes care to remind her that he did not give her money, forcing her to say so in any case.

Specifically, Abedini writes: Date 06.06.2023, time 14:27:50 (Abedinj): No problem, whatever you leave, you will definitely get money, no matter who gave it... no problem, they will bring it there.

The court assesses that from this conversation that took place between the defendant Alma Kaçi and the citizen Abedin Oruçi on the day when the sexual act was filmed in the office of Safet Gjic, there is clearly an indication that the latter gave the citizen Alma Kaç a sum of money for the performance of the sexual act and its registration. The court assesses that if Abedin Oruçi had not given money to the defendant Alma Kaçi, there would have been no reason to remind the latter that he did not give her money.

The above communication is also evaluated in relation to the first statement (dated 17.06.2023) of the defendant Alma Kaçi where she explained that citizen Abedin Oruçi asked her to make the film material.

In addition to the communications that have resulted in importance from the examination of the expert report, in relation to the complete construction of the criminal fact, the communications evidenced by the examination of the videos found on the phone belonging to the defendant Alma Kaçi, where the communications were recorded, are also important developed between the citizen Abedin Oruçi and the defendant Alma Kaçi, where the latter constantly demands the return of the video of a sexual nature.

Specifically, the citizen Alma Kaçi is in her vehicle and has a black tablet with a cracked screen resting on her feet, on which she records a video through the other phone she has in her hand. She clicks on the tablet and calls the citizen marked "Abedin"

The conversation between Alma Kaçi (in the transcript identified with the letter "A") and a male citizen named on the phone under the name "Abedin" (in the transcript identified with the letter "B") takes place as follows:

B: Hello

A: Hey Abedin, what did you do?

B: how are you?

A: Come on, what are you doing?

B: well what's up bo

A: nothing, listen I definitely needed that……video

B: are you waking up, my friend, I'm going to make a video, sister of the videos, listen to me

From the video format file named "20230615_081148 134" with a duration of 7 minutes and 53 seconds, the conversation that takes place in the WhatsApp application between Alma Kaçi (in the transcript identified with the letter "A") and a male citizen named on the phone under the name "Abedin" (in the transcript identified with the letter "B") and more specifically:

B: Oh, I don't know what the problem is, I haven't seen a fight for a long time, we had a sister myself, but it's a long time, my dear.

A: Yes, Abedin, now I have the card, Abedin, now you keep the card, don't tell me what's in your hand for the boy's head

B: Yes, I have mine for children

A: Well, where did you go now, because I have, I need it, I need it because in... then I will know how to protect myself, the boy dies alone, if at the moment it appears in the media I am vulnerable, I am still here I will know how to react, everything I gave you I will bring back in seconds, barely touching 100 lek, now we are talking like men not like reeds

B: Come on, let's meet, come on, come on

A: I can't come now to see Abedin, the idea is give me the card and start me with someone, or whatever you want, we left it, you told me the day I was going to start it, it was held unconsciously now

B: What kind of contact do I have with this person? He took it from whom and that boy took it

A: I didn't give it to you, I gave it to you, Abedin, I don't know either boy or girl, now we're talking to each other about children, what's wrong with me, you took the card, give it to me, I know one there, I will not now come to the streets of Kuksi to follow people without knowing them

A: Oh Abedin, now you took it in a way, now don't do it to me now, we are talking like a man to a man, because I recognize people in the kitchen, tell me, let's start so that you don't spoil my work at the Italian embassy.

B: Oj stprish work someone ask you

A: Okay, okay, I need the card now, that's it, I put it on the screen that much

B: Hello, how is the problem, did you tell me, did you tell me that since this is the case, I want to move

A: Oh, you are not me now, even when I move in a dest...

B: You remind me now

A: Yes, that's fine, then listen to everything I gave you, I'll bring it to you if I keep 100 Lek.

B: Listen, I didn't give anything, I didn't owe anything

A: Yes, no, no, don't leave it now, oh Abedin, don't mislead me because in

B: Well, well, well, you told me that you're calling me now, hang up the wool.

A: Yes, no, we are on whats-app

B: Do you want me to leave?

A: Ore, let me go, let me go, I need the material, man, I have no way

B: Do you have Sigal?

A: I have neither Sigal nor Kasko, nothing

B: They are letting me go, do you want me to leave...

A: Ore, do you want me to leave, it's okay, I don't want to, I want to move, the material is unknown, one, gross as you received it

B: I'm going to move in a few hours

A: I'm going to move now, do you understand that they are asking me for the material, I have also spoken to the lawyer, but I don't know why, I am with someone, I am with two people from the back, I am not alone at the bus

B: Oh, you're going to move, my dear

A: Hey, you told me, give me the card now, Abedin, what moves you, I don't move, I live on my own, I don't live with you, give me the card, don't ask for anything else

From the above conversations examined by the prosecuting body, it appears that the citizen Abedin Oruçi received the card where the citizen Alma Kaçi registered the sexual act in the office of the defendant Safet Gjici.

Citizen Alma Kaçi constantly insists that he return the card to her, but Abedin Oruçi tries to divert her. In the same way, the defendant Alma Kaçi tells him that she will return everything that he gave her, and it is understood the return of an amount of Lek since she tells him that she did not touch 100 Lek.

Meanwhile, Abedini in his communication tries to take care by saying that he gave him a debt and Alma tells him not to mislead him. He also draws attention to the fact that they are on the phone, fearing a possible interception, but the defendant Alma Kaçi reminds him that they are communicating on WhatsApp, assuming that there is no risk of being intercepted.

Likewise, the citizen Abedin Oruçi in communications asks the defendant Alma Kaçi not to involve her and reminds her that cooperation is more difficult.

Citizen Abedin Oruçi's caution regarding telephone communications and the fear of being involved in collaboration is also reflected as follows:

From the video format file named "20230615_084100 533" with a duration of 2 minutes and 31 seconds, the conversation that takes place in the WhatsApp application between the citizen has been transcribed

A: Okay, then I'll take a taxi, ok, but where will I go to your bar?

B: Well, go to the bar, I'll tell the person who brought it...

A: All right

B: Come on

A: Come on

B: Even wipe your jeans and don't... come on now

A: Huh

B: I'm talking to my sister np**, I'm not talking to you about cooperation or a problem with cooperation, it seems like you're working together, sister...

A: Okay, come on, a taxi is starting, so come on

B: The one who has it is responsible, he is responsible, even if we had a conversation together, it's okay, then you...today I took it and moved away.

According to the Court, it is clear that Abedin Oruçi is involved and paid the defendant Alma Kaçi to perform a sexual act with the defendant Safet Gjici and record it, the motives for which it was committed are irrelevant. Likewise, he has tried to avoid his responsibility and created a different image "as if he is indifferent", but the recordings of the conversations clearly show the involvement of this citizen.

From the data administered by the prosecuting body, it results that the citizen Hava Kaçi, after the event that happened in the office of the defendant Safet Gjici and before the publication of the video, specifically on 14.06.2023, opened an account in euros, depositing the same amount on this date of 4,000 euros.

The court assesses in relation to all other data, how precisely after the act was committed and before publication, such an amount was deposited and withdrawn after the publication of the video.

It turns out that the statements given by the citizen Abedin Oruçi contradict the data obtained from the review of the recorded communications as well as the review of the expertise act no. 116.

Specifically, on 09.10.2023, citizen Abedin Oruçi, among other things, stated that:

After the 2023 elections, Alma came to Kukës and asked to meet me. In that case, we met at my bar on the bridge of Black Drin. He told me that he had a video with citizen Safet Gjici.

I asked him to tell me, but he said he would bring it to me another day and left for Tirana. After three or four days, Alma sent me a friend of hers who introduced himself as a journalist, who was a man around 35-40 years old with light blonde hair. He introduced himself to me as Alma's friend and colleague and showed me an erotic video from his cell phone featuring Alma and Safet Gjici. After watching the video, I told him that he had nothing to do with me and that he could take the video wherever he wanted. He left and after a few days Alma called me again and expressed her concern, warning me not to share her video until she leaves Albania...

Asked by the prosecuting body about the communication he had with Alma where the latter told him that she would return what she had given him, he stated that he believed that Alma wanted to provoke him.


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