Back in the Big Brother house/ Kiara: I wanted to right some of my wrongs

2023-05-20 22:20:00, Lifestyle CNA

Back in the Big Brother house/ Kiara: I wanted to right some of my wrongs

Kiara Tito and Luiz Ejlli have shared pieces of their love story inside "Big Brother".

Kiara has spoken about her return after the first elimination and I say that the reason why she wanted to enter the game again was to fix some of the mistakes she had made while inside the Big Brother house.

"I'm drawn by nature, but when I fall in I'm head over heels. I always put barriers on myself because I'm afraid of things to come. It's part of my nature. For the comeback part, I wanted to fix some of my mistakes that inside because of the pressure I may have reacted badly. No matter how I entered, I would still be commented with a magnifying glass. I don't believe I did anything wrong to upset people so much."

Among other things, Luizi said that he understood that there was a change in Kiara after she became part of Big Brother again. Ajp seemed more confident in himself because, according to him, he had received his parents' approval for their relationship.

Her return, for the sake of truth, I also noticed her behavior. It was very certain, it was determined. I waited a little bit and I said it's not some game of hers that this has come out, This has come out there was a wedding with me inside, we had Valentine that reinforced it. This girl has a family outside. Kiara was embarrassed, she told me I want to meet one of my family members. He went out, received confirmation from the family" - said Luizi./ CNA.al



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