Advantages of women with small breasts

2023-05-14 14:52:00, Lifestyle CNA
Advantages of women with small breasts

Women with small breasts are often prejudiced.

Over the years, men are said to have preferred women with large breasts, because they brought more sexual desire. Here are some reasons why small breasts are very good in a woman's life.

1. They feel more pleasure.

Research from the University of Vienna concluded that women with small breasts have 24% more sensitivity because they are easier to stimulate.

2. Wear shirts without difficulty.

Women who have large breasts have a harder time deciding on clothing. While women with small breasts, do not mind that most of the clothes fit well.

3. They have no back problems.

Studies have shown that women with large breasts have back problems. The opposite happens with women with small breasts, who do not have such problems.

4. Recipes cannot be used.

In many cases, women with small breasts do not even use recipes. They enjoy the sensation of freedom more.

5. They can sleep the way they want.

Women with small breasts are not deprived of the way they sleep. They can also sleep in a position that is not obstructed by the chest.


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