"I didn't expect him to make a beer with Sali Berisha"/ Armina Mevlani's father's epic speech

2022-09-26 09:34:00, Lifestyle CNA
"I didn't expect him to make a beer with Sali Berisha"/ Armina
Armina and Shkelzen Berisha

Yesterday evening, Armina Mevlani and Shkëlzen Berisha crowned their love. Of course, there were no shortage of congratulations and surprises for the couple, and of course the speeches of the two fathers. 

The blogger's father, Arben Mevlani, was the one who gave her a very nice moment when he kept his word, where he said that "I knew that I was going to have a crush, if Armina would make me a crush with Sali Berisha, I knew that," he said. he among others.

So Sali Berisha, amid the joy of his son's marriage, with a glass of wine in his hand, said: "Shkëlzen's greatest merit is that he managed to conquer the heart of Armina," said the former prime minister, among other things.

The grand evening was held last night in Shijak, where friends and colleagues were invited, as well as many public figures. 

Armina chose three dresses for her wedding, one of which is a Vivienne Westwood creation, made just for her. Meanwhile, Armina entrusted the other two dresses to two Albanian designers, Valdrin Sahiti and Festim Isufi./ CNA.al


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