"He didn't speak to me for three months"/ Rudina Dembacaj tells about the complicated situation with her mother

2022-09-23 21:18:00, Lifestyle CNA
"He didn't speak to me for three months"/ Rudina Dembacaj tells
Moderator and actress Rudina Dembacaj

Moderator and actress Rudina Dembacaj has spoken about the difficulties she faced at the beginning of her relationship with former deputy Mark Frroku.

Dembacaj told on the show "Rudina", where she was invited together with her sister, how she gave the news of her relationship with Mark to her family.

She revealed that none of the family members, apart from her sister and a cousin, had expressed consent to the relationship. Rudina confessed that her mother has not spoken to her for three months.

"My sister and one of my uncles' sons, Iliri, have been the only ones who have spoken to me, because not even my mother, who is following us now, has spoken to me for three months. They took the position that they thought it was a terrible thing and my sister has been the main support, definitely, step by step.

How did I say it? I sat down and told him I love this man, now decide for yourself. I ran away and continued. Very complicated. Mark, the three children, me, the girl, it was not such a simple union, our age, the status that Mark and I had, it was a little difficult for everyone to understand. But there was nothing complicated about this, except for my feelings that only Reda could understand", she said./ BA - CNA.al

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