Luiz Aylli shows the "weak point" / What can "bring him to his knees" and put the singer out of the game

2023-01-26 17:18:00, Lifestyle CNA
Luiz Aylli shows the "weak point" / What can "bring him to his
Louise Ailey

Luiz Aylli is one of the strongest competitors of "Big Brother VIP 2".

His romance with Kiara Tito has just started, but for Luiz it seems that the moderator may be the reason that can disqualify him from the game.

Luizi has made this fact known for days now, as he said that only she can bring him to his knees.

Recently, he has revealed the reason that would make him leave this experience halfway through.

During a conversation with the other residents, specifically with Valbona Mema and Bjordi Mezin, Luizi said that the only thing that can take that set out of the game, is if Kiara's ex-boyfriend can enter the house.

"Either me, or him", said Luizi, who has often stated that his feelings for the moderator are very strong.

On the other hand, the latter has stated that she wants to take things calmly, even though she has admitted that she has a crush on him./ BA - CNA.al

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