"Ehh the rules..."/ Eranda Libohova is 'caught' with the followers, after the criticism for the dress at Armina and Shkëlzen's wedding

2022-09-26 19:25:00, Lifestyle CNA
"Ehh the rules..."/ Eranda Libohova is 'caught' with the
Eranda Libohova

The singer Eranda Libohova has reacted to the criticism of the fans, after she appeared wearing a white dress at Armina's wedding with Shkëlzen.

The singer had chosen an all-white outfit, with a white jacket and a dress with sides, while also posting photos on social networks.

But in addition to the respect that the followers have for her, she received a lot of criticism precisely because she went to the wedding in white, which according to Albanian superstitions/traditions is not pleasant, since only the bride should be dressed in white. 

“It shouldn't have been your white dress. It doesn't matter whether you are tall or short", "Sorry for all the admiration as a singer, but it is disrespectful to wear white to a wedding. There are some rules that must be respected", "In white? As if it is not allowed", were some of the comments.

Eranda took these comments with sportsmanship and responded to one of them. As someone wrote to her that it is disrespectful to the bride to wear white, the singer replied: No one confused me with the bride because she was wearing a short dress when I sang. Eh, the rules..../ CNA.al

"Ehh the rules..."/ Eranda Libohova is 'caught' with the

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