79 years since the Assembly of Mukje / How the shortest-lived agreement was produced

2022-08-01 08:59:00, Kuriozitete CNA

79 years since the Assembly of Mukje / How the shortest-lived agreement was

As Today, on August 1, 1943, one of the assemblies was held which would produce one of the shortest-lived agreements between the parties represented by the Communist Party and the National Front for the coordination of the Albanian resistance under a common front in the war against the occupier.

"The Mukje Agreement created a National Salvation Committee which, in principle, in its first days did not oppose the plan of coordinating the forces, but also the idea of ??not giving up the territories lost by the agreements after 1912 but recovered by the Italians under the guise of empire" recalls the General Directorate of Archives.

The precursor meeting of Mukje was held in Tapizë town of Tirana on July 26, 1943 where the parties agreed to discuss the creation of a common front and where at the end of the war the parties would ask the allied troops to implement the principle recognized by the Charter of Atlantic for self-determination of nations.

Bad luck brought divergence between the parties where the Communist Party would be the first which would not accept the coordination of forces by not giving life to this agreement which for the forces of Balli and today is anathema due to the fact that the recapture of the territories of Albania was required ethnic./ CNA.al

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