Viola Gjyzeli, the 13-year-old Albanian who will represent us in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest

2023-11-26 14:05:00, Kulturë CNA
Viola Gjyzeli, the 13-year-old Albanian who will represent us in the Junior
Viola Gjyzeli

Viola Gjyzeli is the 13-year-old from Durrës who will represent Albania in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. in an interview for Euronews Albania, Viola said that everything started 6 years ago, when she was only 7 years old, but with big dreams for music.

" In the beginning, I followed my sister, because she also sings and I followed her steps ," said Viola Gjyzeli.

Viola has not had an easy path to music as she has participated in national and international competitions, sometimes neglecting her other passions.

 " I have often been upset, because I had to stop training because of the song, but I have recovered and will continue to do it, I will also follow basketball and music", - said Viola Gjyzeli

The next challenge is the Children's Eurovision, a festival in which Viola will represent Albania, but without minimal support from the latter.

 "Viola's parents are very dedicated to making Viola's dreams come true. We have to admit that there is no small monetary cost when you go outside Durrës and work in studios that have a standard. It is about prices that exceed three times the minimum salary of an Albanian family, so it is not a small investment. And since today we are talking about a competition that goes beyond local borders, normally it also needs institutional support, even just attention. Advertising by an institution never has the power that advertising by an individual has. Normally, when we complain at the end about that ranking we get, we forget that we were the first ones who didn't advertise this representation of ours enough. I am convinced that a very large part do not even know at all which is the song that represents Albania this year." - said Viola's teacher.

Viola Gjyzeli, the 13-year-old Albanian who will represent us in the Junior


Viola competes in the children's Eurovision with the song "Bota Ime" in this year's festival, which will be held on November 26 in the city of Nice with 16 participating countries. The song was written by Enis Mullaj and Eriona Rushiti./ CNA

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