Pëllumb Meta's brother accuses his sister-in-law: The murder was done by the criminal Blerina

2024-02-27 11:42:00, Kronika CNA
Pëllumb Meta's brother accuses his sister-in-law: The murder was done
Ramadan Meta

Pëllumb Meta's brother has accused his sister-in-law, Blerina Meta, in front of the cameras, of being the author of his brother's murder. 

Ramazan Meta has stated that Blerina Meta is a criminal who has incited violence and strife in the family. He added that the children could not kill their father, but Blerina Meta did everything. 

"That's how she always messed with the children. Journalists go out all over Durrës County and ask how that son of a mother has behaved. That criminal had the heels to do that work. My brother lived among criminals. He worked day and night for ta, he was sweating. I had a very good relationship with my brother. The pivot of this event is the woman. They did a macabre event there, the children can say what they want. I believe that my brother was killed by the woman. My brother did not was violent", he said. 

It is reported that the police have seized footage, while the legal expertise has concluded that the person who shot him is 1.75 cm tall. The autopsy revealed that the victim was killed by three bullets.

The investigators do not rule out the possibility that the perpetrator of the crime could have been the wife, Blerina Meta, which is why the interceptions were carried out. But an arrest warrant has not yet been issued against her.  

On January 26, the Court of Durrës put the 3 children of Pëllumb Meta, Hysen, Hygerta and Amarildo Meta in prison under the charge of murdering their father.

Hygerta testified in court that she was the one who shot her father, claiming that the victim had often threatened to kill her. The children's testimonies are contradictory. Investigations continue. /CNA 


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