Torture in the juvenile prison in Milan, 13 policemen are arrested, accused of sexual abuse 

2024-04-22 09:30:00, Kronika CNA
Torture in the juvenile prison in Milan, 13 policemen are arrested, accused of
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Against 13 officers of the Prison Police in Italy, in Milan, measures have been taken to suspend them from their duties and arrest warrants have been issued.

They are accused of various crimes contested by the Prosecutor's Office, such as ill-treatment, torture and attempted sexual violence against a prisoner.

Among the crimes contested in different capacities by the Public Prosecutor's Office of Milan, in fact, there is also that of attempted sexual violence, according to the first information about a single case.

Even, in a statement of the judicial authority, the denunciation of "attempted sexual violence by the officer against the prisoner" is specified.

The investigation, initiated by several reports received by the judicial authority and through the Guarantor of the rights of persons deprived of personal freedom, was developed through "technical services of interception and reception of cameras inside the institute", which made it possible to collect evidence for crime, for various episodes of violence and abuse against prisoners in prison.

"The various crimes contested by the Milan Public Prosecutor's Office and positively reviewed by the investigating judge regarding the behavior of the agents, found to have started from 2022 to the present day and have been repeated over time against various prisoners, including and minors./ CNA

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