In prison for drug trafficking/ Chief Commissioner's lawyer: Pasho knew nothing about cannabis

2023-12-03 10:43:00, Kronika CNA

In prison for drug trafficking/ Chief Commissioner's lawyer: Pasho knew

This Sunday, the court set the security measure of "prison arrest" for Stiljan Pashon, the former Head of the Border Sector, in the Local Directorate for Border and Migration in Korça.

This decision was opposed by Stiljan Pasho's defense lawyer, Nevzat Tarelli, who claims that the prosecution does not have enough evidence for the former police officer's involvement in drug trafficking.

According to the defense, Pasho accidentally traveled from Korça to Kapshtica customs with the person who was arrested in Greece for transporting 27 kg of narcotics.

He said that Pasho did not know about the narcotics that were in the vehicle, although he favored Lorenc Lika to pass through the customs without a queue.

"The court has decided the legal assessment of the detention ordered by the prosecution and has determined the measure of personal security, arrest and imprisonment under the suspicion of committing the criminal offense of drug trafficking in collaboration. In my assessment, there was not enough evidence, so the hearing has been extended because it has been sufficiently debated both in the practical aspect of the evidence and in the theoretical aspect of the formulation of the charge, in this particular case there is an excess of the logic of reasonable doubt for this criminal offense . For this criminal offense to exist, it is necessary for him to know that the subject who is suspected of having trafficked narcotics, had the substance in the car, a suspicion that is simply assumed and not supported by evidence. Not every act contrary to the law can lead to the criminal offense of trafficking because it can be a negligent act or in excess of powers, an act to avoid a queue or to create a simplified procedure, but that for there to be trafficking in cooperation, the chief commissioner would have to know about the narcotics, which does not result in any act, there was no recognition, connection or communication that raises this suspicion at this level. Not only has he denied knowledge of the existence of the narcotic substance, but in a totally emotional state, he denies it and cannot accept it as he has never thought of such a thing. He clarified his position, he went to customs with that vehicle as an occasional means of travel, and in these circumstances, the subject was given a kind of privilege not to stand in line for a long time. This has also been a controversial topic, the prosecution makes the suspicion hypothetical and starts from the fact that these prosecuted subjects have passed through Greece on other occasions. There is only one case in May, from customs he went to Kostur with a citizen who is under investigation or suspected, took some medicine for his sick mother and came back while the person had his destination for Thessaloniki. so a next tool that happened. In the specific case, Stiljan Pasho came from Korça to the customs office with this citizen, who was placed in the queue to exit, the work continued with other means, and at one point this person was favored to pass through the customs office without queuing. I am going to a higher level than the abuse of duty, because his behavior is not correct in relation to the code of ethics and could be a cause for disciplinary proceedings, which has been exhausted at this moment with the exception of the general directorate of the police. made media because it has not been officially communicated to us yet. This is a matter to be proven in the end if it is abuse of duty or another level", declared the lawyer./ CNA

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