Crime in Kosovo, similar to that of the Greek pilot/ Murder of wives and attempts to hide the crime

2023-12-01 21:13:00, Kronika CNA

Crime in Kosovo, similar to that of the Greek pilot/ Murder of wives and

Public opinion has been shocked by the event in Kosovo, where Liridona Murseli was killed. It is suspected that her husband, Naim Murseli, the former advisor of Behgjet Pacolli, ordered the murder.

He tried to cover his tracks by stating that Liridona was killed by a robber who stopped them on the road when they were traveling with the children.

Meanwhile, the author Granit Plava said that he was paid 30,000 euros by the victim's husband to commit the murder.

This event in Kosovo brings to mind a similar crime in Greece, that of pilot Charalambos Anagnostopoulos.

The Greek pilot killed his wife of British origin, Caroline Krauts, on May 11, 2021.

At first, Babis said that there were some Albanians who entered his house to rob and killed his wife, but then the truth soon came out.

He detailed the actions he had to take to cover up the crime.

When he was in trouble and faced with evidence implicating him in the crime, he admitted that he was the author of the event.

The 32-year-old pilot said that his wife had decided to take the child and leave him. Babis confessed that on the night of the crime he lost control after Caroline put the child to bed and told him to leave, asking for a divorce.

He described everything in detail, how he gagged her and put the pillow over her until she took her breath away and left her dead.

To reinforce the idea of ??a robbery, Babis went to the dog and strangled it with his hands.

After that he went and broke the memory card of the security cameras and threw it in the toilet. He later ransacked the house to give the idea of ??a robbery and told how he tied himself up.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of his wife./ CNA

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