"Telephone records were seen"/ Karamuço for the murder of the 50-year-old: There is a secret in that house

2024-02-24 22:43:00, Kronika CNA
"Telephone records were seen"/ Karamuço for the murder of the
Criminalistics expert Ervin Karamuço

Criminalistics expert Ervin Karamuço commented on the murder of the 50-year-old, saying that fingerprints were found on the pistol and that the person who committed the crime was found, but the motive was not revealed.

According to Karamuço, there is a secret in that house that none of the members agrees to tell.

He stops at the confession about the murder, where the 24-year-old took the pistol, woke up the father from his sleep and shot him to death with 4 bullets, an action that according to the expert shows aggression, anger, nervousness.

Further invited to the "Review" show, the expert says that the phone records were discovered, and it was the other members of the family who called the 24-year-old to return home after the incident as they would not go to the police and take to finish what they had started.

"The fingerprints found on the pistol revealed the boy as the perpetrator of the crime, and today that file has been closed. The only thing that hasn't been nailed down is the real motive.

 In that house there is a secret that no one has told yet, one says he wanted to betroth me, the other says I made a promise, it falls to him to kill three quarters of the fathers.

It's a very serious thing that went so far, to take the pistol from the father who was asleep, to wake him up and shoot him 4 times, very aggressive, payback, nervousness.

If it was planned, the boy ran away from the apartment, with the idea that what am I going to do now, he was contacted by those inside the apartment, it comes out of the phone records, so that they finish what they started, this event will not go to the police. The removal of clothes was done to hide the tracks", said the expert./ CNA

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