The woman tells about the conflicts between the girl and Pëllumb Meta: She definitely wanted to get the girl engaged

2024-02-24 21:58:00, Kronika CNA

The woman tells about the conflicts between the girl and Pëllumb Meta: She

The wife of the victim, Pëllumb Meta, Blerina Meta told about the conflicts between the girl and her father regarding the engagement.

According to Blerina, he definitely wanted to get engaged to the girl, while the 19-year-old did not want to, as her priority was her studies.

She points out that the girl was a student with an average of 9.9 at the University.

During a confession for the show Review, she says that there were constant conflicts between them on this issue.

"Regarding the engagement, it is true that there was a lot of conflict, as he definitely wanted that engagement to take place.

While the girl did not want to, as she continued her higher studies and did not know the boy, it was not even a priority at this stage of her life to get engaged, as she is only 19 years old, in her first year of high school.

He was authoritarian in nature, it's always been like that, I couldn't dare to open my mouth, whatever kind of decision he made.

That's how he wanted to continue with the children. Goca did not accept this and it took a long time. I don't know why he wanted to marry her, when the girl was studying and had an average of 9.9.

She had invested in education, but I don't know why her father wanted her to take this turn. I didn't dare to say anything because I had been sitting there oppressed and abused for years. That's how she wanted to keep the children too," she said./ CNA

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