Shocking details are revealed/ After the fight, the 24-year-old took the pistol and shot his father on the sofa where he was lying

2024-02-24 17:12:00, Kronika CNA

Shocking details are revealed/ After the fight, the 24-year-old took the pistol

Journalist Klodiana Lala has collected new details from the investigative file on the case of Pëllumb Meta's murder.

According to the journalist's information, on Saturday, 10.02.2024, around 15.00, when Pëllumb Meta went to the apartment, he started to conflict with his son Hysen Meta.

After the conflict, the 50-year-old lay down resting on a sofa in the kitchen, while Hysen Meta took the TT pistol that his father had brought to the apartment, and with it in his hand he entered the kitchen where his father was resting and shot him. four times.

At the time when the incident occurred in the apartment, the children's mother Blerina Meta and her brother AM, 22 years old, were not present.

After the crime, Hyseni left the apartment, leaving the corpse there, and the 19-year-old woman then tied her up and wrapped the victim in a sheet.

According to journalist Klodiana Lala, the 19-year-old left a mark by wrapping the scissors with the body.

Then Blerina and her 22-year-old brother learned about the murder, where at dinner they started opening the pit where they will hide the corpse and then the gun and cartridges.

The two brothers also removed the car from the apartment. The next day, she saw that the soil had been moved near the hut and learned that the corpse was buried there.

He has thrown some concrete slabs and straw over the place so that the dug-out area would not be seen if the police came to check.

After two days, the brother filed a complaint with the police about the loss of his father. They talked to each other that if they were discovered by the police, they would take responsibility for the incident.

After that, the mother cleaned the room as well as the sofa on which Pellumbi was lying when he was shot, and moved it up to the second floor.

The police a day ago disclosed the incident and the author of the murder, which was the 24-year-old Hysen Meta and not the 19-year-old HM/ CNA

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