It was filmed as Safet Gjici having sex in the office, with 2 women/ Italian Mayor: Political revenge!

2023-09-23 21:57:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

It was filmed as Safet Gjici having sex in the office, with 2 women/ Italian

A case similar to the scandal that happened in the Municipality of Kukës, with Safet Gjicin, happened in Italy.

This time the mayor of Santa Marinella, 77, and the father of Italy's regional councilor Viva Marietta Tidei was filmed having sex in his office.

Pietro Tidei was caught having sex in the office. 

Tidei, immediately after becoming aware of the filming, expressed the complaint that the filming was staged to blackmail him.

The prestigious Italian media LaRepublica writes that the story was discovered by the newspaper La Verità.

Tidei was seen performing intimate acts with two women in his office.

 According to the Italian media, one of them is thought to be a well-known representative of one of the Italian ministries.

The images were made public after they were shared in a social media chat. On the other hand, the mayor reacted by saying that:

"I have been involved in politics for 53 years. I am not ready to accept any intrusion into my private sphere. I denounced this act as blackmail and as an attempt to corrupt me politically."

According to what is reported in the media, some magistrates have installed cameras in his office for a suspected case of corruption and the closing of the investigations, the videos in question were also seen./ CNA

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