Israel's operation in Rafah, humanitarian alert for 1.3 million civilians

2024-04-23 14:55:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

Israel's operation in Rafah, humanitarian alert for 1.3 million civilians

Amid the clashes and insecurity, non-governmental organizations are concerned about the possibility of a large-scale Israeli military operation in Rafah, a small town in the southern Gaza Strip where tens of thousands of displaced Palestinians are gathering.

"We are prepared to have to send more or less aid depending on the situation, but the reality is that we don't know what to expect," explained Bushra Khalidi of Oxfam, the British organization.

Oxfam, along with 12 other NGOs, published on April 3 a call for a ceasefire, recalling that 1.3 million civilians, among them at least 610,000 children, are in Rafah "in the line of fire".

For his part, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not stop repeating: the army's operation in Rafah will happen.

Israel says it is considering various plans to evacuate civilians, mostly referring to "humanitarian islands".

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallad indicated that he was considering "a number of measures in preparation for operations in Rafah, mainly related to the evacuation of civilians."

NGOs contacted by AFP responded that they had not been informed of these measures, and the Israeli military did not respond regarding its communication with humanitarian organizations.

The Ministry of Defense has already assembled 30,000 tents, a third of which will be set up in the next two weeks near Rafah, according to sources in the Israeli press, without knowing on which side of the border: in the Gaza Strip or in Egypt. .

"I have no idea what this plan means," commented the director of the UN Office for Humanitarian Affairs (Ocha) Andrea de Domenico./ CNA

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