Escobar: The association does not depend on Kurti, it will be done

2023-06-06 10:31:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

Escobar: The association does not depend on Kurti, it will be done

The US special envoy for the Western Balkans, Gabriel Escobar, has requested that Pristina come up with a proposal to form the Serbian association of municipalities.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, Belgrade should be clear and signal that violence will not be accepted.

In an interview given to "Die Presse", Escobar said that Kosovo should take a stand and present a draft agreement.

" We must break the cycle of violence. The government of Kosovo should not force Albanian mayors in the north to go through municipal offices, which are so symbolic for Serbs. However, the administrative work must continue. Serbia's leadership, on the other hand, must send a clear message: Violence will not be tolerated against the KFOR peacekeeping force or even against the police. And then we have to look for a way to create greater trust even if it means new elections for mayor", said Escobar.

Regarding Serbia's request for the creation of a Serbian association of municipalities in Kosovo, which Kosovo rejects and raises the concern that this could lead to a new Serbian republic, which would then block the state as in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Escobar said that this will not be a new Serbian republic like Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to him, the establishment of the Serbian Association of Municipalities in Kosovo is an international, legally binding commitment.

They are mentioned in the Brussels Agreement, the Conclusions of the European Council and the Ohrid Agreement. And there is also a US commitment to this.

So, the Serbian Association of Municipalities should come. The question is: what will it look like? If Kosovo does not want a new Serb Republic like Bosnia, it should give us an idea of ??what it wants. They told us what they don't want. Now they have to tell us what they want.

We are waiting for this. Kosovo should immediately move here and give us a draft agreement. Because of the Ohrid Agreement

This is an issue between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia. Even if Kurti doesn't want it, this Association will happen. The question is: does Kosovo want to wait for Euro-Atlantic integration until its prime minister fulfills his legal obligations? ", said Escobar./ CNA.al

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