Kuleba: Ukraine has enough weapons for the counteroffensive against Russia

2023-06-05 20:36:16, Kosova & Bota CNA

Kuleba: Ukraine has enough weapons for the counteroffensive against Russia

The Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, believes that his country has enough weapons to launch a counteroffensive against Russia.

Kuleba, in a statement to the Reuters news agency on June 5, said the counteroffensive will give Ukraine the victory it needs for NATO membership.

Membership in the military alliance would "probably" be possible for Ukraine only after the end of the war with Russia, Kuleba said during an interview in Kiev.

In recent months, Ukraine has hinted that Ukraine may launch a counter-offensive to retake territories occupied by Russia, using tanks, armored vehicles and artillery donated by its Western allies.

Kuleba did not answer the questions about whether this counteroffensive had started or not. But, he said that the most important thing is not its beginning, but its ending with the victory of Ukraine.

He also said NATO membership was the next big goal on Ukraine's agenda after some of its allies agreed to train Ukrainian pilots in the F-16 fighter jets sought by Kiev.

"Membership in NATO cannot stop this war, but membership in NATO will stop further wars. This is the reason why the best way to guarantee security in the region is to come when Ukraine becomes a member of NATO", he said.

Earlier this month, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg made it clear that Ukraine will not be able to join NATO as long as the war against Russia continues.

"Membership in the middle of a war is not on the agenda," he said. "The issue is what will happen when the war ends"./ REL

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