Austin: Ukraine should not use American weapons for the offensive against Russia

2023-06-05 20:09:22, Kosova & Bota CNA

Austin: Ukraine should not use American weapons for the offensive against Russia

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said on Monday that the US weapons given to Ukraine were intended only for the "defense of their sovereign territory". During a visit to India, the American defense secretary was also asked about the challenges that the offensive of the Ukrainian forces may face to liberate the areas occupied by the Russian forces.

The Pentagon chief admitted that tracking weapons and other military systems was difficult, but expressed his confidence in Ukraine.

"Ukrainians have been generally transparent in giving us access to the areas we needed to visit and to the facilities we wanted to see. We will of course continue to maintain the position that the weapons we offer are to be used for the defense of their sovereign territory. In the meantime, we continue to improve our monitoring capabilities ," said Secretary Austin .

The US defense secretary added that he would let the Ukrainians talk about their military operations as Russia announced it had repulsed a major offensive in Ukraine's Donetsk region.

"I would leave it to the Ukrainian leaders to describe the possible military operations of Ukraine. I am sure that at the right time they will speak or explain exactly what stage they are in with the preparations and execution of the planned offensive," said Secretary Austin .

The US defense secretary was asked what Russian fortifications the Ukrainians will face.

"It has been widely reported that Russia has erected defense structures along the line of occupied territory. In many cases these fortifications are in depth. We see lines of fortifications, trenches, anti-tank fortifications nicknamed 'dragon's teeth', and other prepared positions ," he said.

The US defense secretary pointed out, however, that the territory that the Russian forces will have to defend is very wide and that they will probably not be stable in all sectors. He added that it will be up to the Ukrainians to identify the points where they can have an advantage and where they can penetrate the line of Russian forces./ VOA

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