How to exchange a damaged banknote?

2023-03-10 08:06:00, Ekonomi CNA
How to exchange a damaged banknote?
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The Bank of Albania has provided information to all citizens on how to exchange damaged banknotes.

In a post on the official website, it explains the four possible ways that anyone with a damaged currency card can exchange it at a commercial bank

1. Damaged banknotes can be exchanged at commercial banks against their nominal value.

2. Appear at the counter of your commercial bank to exchange the damaged banknote.

3. In cases where the banknotes have slight damage (marks, stains, holes or light tears), they are exchanged directly at the counter against the nominal value.

4. When the banknotes have a higher degree of damage, they are not exchanged directly at the counter, but the commercial bank, together with the customer's exchange request, sends them to the Bank of Albania for further evaluation.

We encourage you to report to your commercial bank in case of damage to your banknote in use./ CNA.al

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