“Europe needs us”/ Gjergj Luca’s strong message: By integrating into it, we complement each other

19 Mars 2023, 21:00, Aktualitet CNA

“Europe needs us”/ Gjergj Luca’s strong message: By

Businessman Gjergj Luca has emphasized that Albania should be part of the European Union as it needs close cooperation with our country.

Gjergj Luca also congratulated the Kosovo-Serbia agreement during yesterday's meeting in Ohrid.

He said that "by integrating into Europe, by cooperating with each other, we are stronger, we complement each other in productions, but also, in things that we cannot do ourselves".

"Hello my dear friends from “Fish City” Maliq. I’m greeting you staying nearby the waving Balkan’s flags, where the flag of our Serbian neighbors is placed between the flag of Albania and the flag of Kosovo’s brothers. From this special spot, in front of these flags, I have a special greeting for the president of Serbia, a dear friend of Fish City, but also for my brother and friend from Kosovo, the charismatic prime minister, Albin Kurti.


Congratulations to the two leaders and their people, who finally laid the first stone of foundation towards peace and harmony, not only for Kosovo and Serbia, but for the entire Balkan.

I greet all those people who have been skeptical about the “Open Balkan” initiative. I greet them and say: My dear friends, I understand you very well when expressing your chorus of arguments and even insults against me. I understand that your spirit is wounded and broken, and not only for ones in Kosovo, but also of Bosnians, Montenegrins, and also of Albanians and Serbians, who have been killed among themselves for centuries.

But what was achieved at the Ohrid summit is a very good news for the entire Balkan. For the Balkan known as the “Gunpowder Barrel”, misused by every “Big Power” country that has passed and has lit the lighter setting it on fire whenever it’s wanted.

Finally, peace is being established in Balkan, considered as the only shelter in Europe defending the family notion and integrity, the only place where friends are welcomed as friends, the only place where you can drink coffee with friends and relatives and in the end only one pays the bill as a pleasure of being together, and not everyone split. We know what is happening in Europe day by day regarding the terrible laws on parent no.1 and parent no.2, with endless stories that aim to destroy the family and then the nation. And we as Balkans should be proud to preserve tradition and family. We are strong and the last fortress in Europe to do so.

That is why Europe needs us. It needs a new and strong blood; it needs the vitality of the Balkans and their innovations. It really needs us to open up and be stronger, to be all together to get the economy where it needs to be.

Maybe I exaggerate a little with these speeches, but I have a question for the skeptics, who continue with their prejudices and don’t remove the minds’ boundaries: When you go home in the evening, what do your children and your spouse ask for?

Are they looking for welfare or idealism and fairy tales that leaves you behind others? All families, all children require a stronger economy, and we aim to integrate into the EU precisely for greater economic development.

You must understand that by removing the borders between us, by integrating into Europe, by cooperating with each other, we are stronger, we complement each other in productions, but also, in things that we cannot do ourselves.

Therefore, my dear friends, long live the “Open Balkan” initiative!", he said./CNA.al

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