Study: Young people aim to adapt to the demands of the labor market

2023-09-27 20:52:40, Sociale CNA

Study: Young people aim to adapt to the demands of the labor market

In Albania, young people claim that in addition to the difficulties in getting employed, another problem they encounter is the adaptation of their professional skills to the demands of the labor market.

This conclusion is part of a report by the organization World Vision, based on surveys of young people across the country.

They presented today at an annual meeting several projects to facilitate information on the labor market.

In the Report of the organization World Vision Albania, 47 percent of the young people surveyed affirm that adapted skills are what they need to find a job in the future.

Young people emphasize in the polls of this organization that employment is the main word of their concerns, along with social interaction and decision-making in the community and beyond.

Study: Young people aim to adapt to the demands of the labor market

The director of operations at the World Vision organization, Artina Morava, says that the main problem for young people remains employment and their connections with the labor market.

" In addition to unemployment and the difficulties to enter the labor market, another concern that young people raise in recent surveys is also related to the information that young people have about the options offered to them for employment. Also, the opportunities for digital platforms through which young people are engaged, committed to receive continuous training, and not in events that are organized only once", says Ms. Morava .

World Vision brought together dozens of young people from different areas of the country today at the annual meeting to discuss the most frequent problems they encounter in their lives.

This year's theme is again inclusion in the labor market for young people, to avoid their emigration, a phenomenon that continues to remain among the main concerns.

"Emigration continues to remain a concern, but we as an organization try to help young people to find solutions in the midst of Albania's problems and avoid leaving the country. The areas where we operate are affected by emigration, and we have an approach to help returnees, or prevent further departures. But definitely, as in the whole of Albania, even in the areas where we operate, the emigration figures are high", says Mrs. Morava.

In the last year, the World Vision organization has worked for the reintegration of over 100 families returned from emigration by bringing their children closer to centers and schools, professional training for parents as well as direct assistance to restart a business, by buying them work tools and equipment and other equipment, to start work as easily as possible.

"Programs for the integration of young people, children or families are about their reintegration in schools or after-school classes, for parents professional courses to increase employment skills, to start a small business or return to production agricultural, the inclusion of young people in youth clubs" , says Mrs. Morava.

The young people participating in the seventh Youth Festival of the World Vision organization have brought several projects, aimed at coordinating information on the labor market in the regions of Albania, a digital platform where young people are trained and receive continuous information about the required professions and the conditions of work.

In a series of studies in recent years, a significant number of young people, bored by unemployment and lack of perspective, say that they are ready to leave Albania as soon as they are given an opportunity for employment and a decent salary abroad./ VOA

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