Alarming symptoms / Scientists discover the rare effect of Covid

2023-09-22 17:51:00, Sociale CNA

Alarming symptoms / Scientists discover the rare effect of Covid

Scientists have discovered another rare side effect of Covid.

The revelation comes after a man died after developing a rare brain disease after contracting a viral infection, The Sun reports .

The 62-year-old was admitted to Queens Sinai Hospital Center in the US after showing symptoms of "rapid" brain deterioration, including difficulty walking.

Doctors initially thought he was suffering from dementia, but tests for the disease came back negative.

After discovering that his symptoms appeared after a severe Covid infection, doctors tested him for several other neurological conditions that have previously been associated with the disease.

Some studies have found that strokes, convulsions, memory problems and Parkinson's are among the problems that patients suffer after being infected with the virus.

The patient rapidly deteriorated and died due to the rapid progression of his condition.

The doctors wrote: "While such cases are most likely due to Covid-19, there is no clear evidence beyond incidental findings.

"Future studies may be required to establish this correlation."

They did not elaborate on why Covid might have caused prion disease in the unidentified man.

Prion diseases are a group of rare and fatal conditions caused by the prion protein which causes brain damage that worsens rapidly over time.

Early symptoms include:

loss of intellect and memory
changes in personality
loss of balance and coordination
slurred speech
vision problems and blindness
abnormal tremors movements
progressive loss of brain function and mobility/ CNA

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