What you need to know about children with dyslexia

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What you need to know about children with dyslexia
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Dyslexia is a "problem" of the human brain that fails to distinguish and differentiate similar letters when reading a text, for example the letter "m" with the letter "n", or the letter "b" with the letter "d", and successively other letters and similar but opposite signs.

This phenomenon of the brain becomes visible in the second or third grade, that is, after learning the letters and starting to read.

Teachers are the first to spot this "thing". When the child reads a text out loud, especially in class, he reads badly or "mek-mek".

Often these children become the object of imitation and ridicule, both by their friends, but also by the teacher who draws their attention or talks to the child's mother, calling the child inattentive.

But what do the specialists say about this brain phenomenon?

Neuroscientists say that this group of people takes longer to distinguish the rough letters of the rest.

Psychologists give their explanation that these people are unclear where they belong as a psycho-emotional process, while evolutionists explain that this contingent has an old brain model and the conclusion is:  

These people have all three of these problems and encounter many difficulties until they organize a structure of their own to cope with and adapt to this condition, which is not easy to cope with, especially in childhood and adolescence.

This problem, this concern becomes even more difficult since no one understands and helps the child who has this difficulty.

Parents and teachers do not notice that there is something wrong with this child, but they insist that he is not attentive, or does not concentrate.

Attention parents and teachers, when you see something like this, it is good to be advised or consulted with a psychologist or neuropediatrician. In this way, you will help the child not to suffer or to doubt himself that he is not good or not worth it.


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