Vacationers in Saranda even in October, 70% of hotels occupied

2023-09-09 19:00:07, Sociale CNA

Vacationers in Saranda even in October, 70% of hotels occupied

In Saranda, the tourist season did not end with summer. For the months of September and October, there are a lot of bookings, while the typology of vacationers has changed.

Reasonable prices, lower temperatures and the calm of September have brought older tourists to Saranda.

"The reason why we came to Albania is because it is a very beautiful country. The reason why we came to Saranda in September is because we don't want to come when there are many people, in July and August. We are from Austria!", a vacationer said to the camera of Euronews Albania.

The head of the Association of Tourist Operators in Sarandë, Arben Çipa, claims that the hotel continues to be booked until the end of October, while autumn vacationers no longer prefer apartments.

"The hotel industry and especially the first and second line hotels are up to 70% occupied, and we have a decrease in the apartments that are in the second, third area up to the hill area as we call it. This is related to the fact that the typology of the clientele is a different typology, and they are starting to leave Saranda. In terms of prices, I think they are continuing in the same situation as in August and treatment as in August, except for the tourist operators who are more independent", said Çipa.

The Italian market will continue to dominate, the novelty is the middle age of the Spaniards, while even this autumn there will be no shortage of Scandinavian vacationers who remain loyal to Saranda.

"The Italian market prevails, young age, middle age and in many cases even the third age, we have few Spaniards, French and what is expected which is planned in advance from the bookings of the tourist operators are the Scandinavian tourists who are present from now until mid-October", said Çipa.

Until the end of autumn, more vacationers will land in the coastal city through the port, via cruises and tourist ships./ Euronews Albania

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