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Awareness for 19-year-old Darda Dhimo, diagnosed with leukemia 3 months ago

2023-09-28 13:47:00, Sociale CNA
Awareness for 19-year-old Darda Dhimo, diagnosed with leukemia 3 months ago
Algent Bregu

A simple but humane organization with moral, spiritual and monetary support for Darda Dhimon. The bike tour around the city brought the citizens of Korça together to support Dhimo in the fight against leukemia.

Algent Bregu, the organizer of this initiative, expresses his happiness for this solidarity from the citizens, making possible the financial assistance for the cure.

" The participation was very large. Thanks for coming. They didn't come for me, they didn't come for any kind of institution. They just came to be part of our initiative. All bike enthusiasts were happy to participate in this event, to give encouraging words, their contribution. Their participation was more than anything else. It went exactly as we had imagined and maybe even better.

To be honest, as far as we have heard and seen, the treatment of the girl will cost a considerable amount. We hope that through these initiatives, with the volunteering of all the Korcar people inside and outside the country, we also believe that we will cure the girl, and the most important thing is that her treatment is being carried out in a timely manner and her health is improving today. That's why we are waiting for the final moment when we hear from the doctors that she is completely healed.

Until now, we have heard from the doctors that the amount is considerable, it exceeds 160 thousand euros, and our contribution from everyone is worth it, but I will also appeal to all the rest who may be listening through radio and television, that they too be offered to us and become part to help this girl in need", said Algent Bregu.

Darda Dhimo's aunt expresses her gratitude to everyone who has supported her niece in these difficult months.

" No one fights alone is the initiative of this organization that Algent and Rona Bregu have organized for Darda Dhimon, a 19-year-old girl who was diagnosed three months ago with leukemia, where it was a danger to her life, but praise God and the support that her life is being transformed from moment to moment.

In these three months with the help given to him with chemotherapy and financially, supporting a special initiative like this. Thank you to everyone for the support, for the encouragement, to everyone who participated in this initiative, to everyone who was part of the encouragement. Thank you God for never forgetting us.

Lutja e Perëndisë ishte: Unë kam parë lotët e tu, unë kam dëgjuar lutjen tëndë dhe unë do të shëroj” është shprehur tezja e Darda Dhimos.

Edhe një qytetar shprehet se këto lloj organizimeah me në fokus personat qe kanë nevoja të tilla janë teper emocionuese.

“E para njëherë aktiviteti i sotëm ishte i thjeshtë i bukur dhe emocionues. Aktivitete të tilla të cilat janë në fokus të mbrojtjes së shëndetit dhe kujdesit për shëndetin aq më tepër për një vajzë të re që po lufton me sëmundjen e saj të qënit bashkë është vërtetë një shtysë dhe një mbështetje për të edhe në aspektin psikologjik”, ka thënë ai.

The 19-year-old was diagnosed with leukemia a few months ago and is being cured. She has had improvements but treatments are still needed to ensure a full mark. Anyone to her aid, "No one fights alone"!/ CNA

Awareness for 19-year-old Darda Dhimo, diagnosed with leukemia 3 months ago

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