Rain and snow showers/ Weather forecast for today

2023-01-19 08:09:00, Sociale CNA
Rain and snow showers/ Weather forecast for today
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Albania remains under the predominance of clouds and high-intensity rains in the western lowlands, creating further problems, while in the mountainous areas, snowfalls will appear.

 The midday hours bring a temporary interruption of the rains to start again during the afternoon where there will also be showers accompanied by electrical discharges. This unstable weather situation remains dominant until Friday morning.

According to Meteoalb, air temperatures will drop slightly in the morning, but midday will bring a 2-degree drop in temperatures across the country, fluctuating from 2°C to 16°C.

The wind will blow at an average speed of 45 km/h, from the south-west direction, as a result, 3 waves will be generated on the sea coasts.

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