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Loredana "betrays" Mozzik/ She is not separated from Noizy

2022-08-05 20:50:00, Lifestyle CNA
Loredana "betrays" Mozzik/ She is not separated from Noizy
Loredana and Noizy

Albanian rapper Rigles Rajku, known to the public as Noizy, has just released a new song entitled "New Benz".

What immediately attracted the attention of the fans from the clip, is the participation of the rapper Loredana, with whom Noizy had a collaboration earlier, which has been very successful, with millions of clicks on YouTube.

In the clip, Loredana appears only as an extra, as she accompanies the rapper.

But earlier, Loredana was part of some of the clips of Mozzik, her former partner, as an extra, but also as a collaborator, as she has several songs with the rapper.

We recall that some time ago Noizy made a song and a clip with Mozzik, "Bonjour Madam", which has already been deleted from Youtube, as it seems there was a disagreement between the rappers./ CNA.al


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