The brother-in-law dots the "i"/ "Luiz's 'Instagram' was blocked by 'Top Channel'"

2023-03-23 15:41:00, Lifestyle CNA

The brother-in-law dots the "i"/ "Luiz's

The brother-in-law of the singer Luiz Ejlli, Sokol Tahiri, reacted to the closure of the singer's "Instagram" where he confirmed that the production contacted them and told them that the rights regarding the name and administration belong to "Top Channel" , but emphasizes that they have not presented any document for this.

"In what form and legal act was this done, no document was communicated to me ", he writes

He also asked to enjoy Luiz's game and that when he goes out, everything will be clarified.

The brother-in-law dots the "i"/ "Luiz's

Likewise, Lizi's sister, Ina Ejlli and her friend have stated that his site has tried to be taken over by "Top Channel" as the latter claim to have the rights related to the name and administration. /CNA

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