Dietology: It's a waste of time to give up pasta to lose weight

2023-09-12 16:38:00, Lifestyle CNA

Dietology: It's a waste of time to give up pasta to lose weight

According to new research, eating pasta regularly won't make you pack on the pounds. 

Nutrition researchers Lisa Sanders and Joanne Slavin in a study published in MDPI analyzed 38 published studies looking at pasta intake and body weight in both adults and children and found that "dietary patterns high in pasta generally do not were associated with the odds of being overweight or obese or were inversely associated," reports The Sun.

They found no link between the amount of pasta people ate and their likelihood of being overweight.

One of the studies they looked at even suggested that "pasta can be included in a healthy diet and not contribute to weight gain or hinder weight loss," the nutritionists wrote.

Lisa and Joanne's research appears to demonstrate that pasta is unfairly lumped in with ingredients such as white bread, rice and potatoes.

How you cook and serve your pasta can have more of an effect on your waistline than the food itself, nutritionists suggest.

Boiling pasta changes the structure of the starch to make it easier to digest.

If weight loss is one of your concerns, doctor Tracey Robertson suggested changing the sauce you add to your pasta.

"If you eat it with a tomato-based or vegetable-based sauce, you're much less likely to gain weight than if you eat it with a rich buttery, creamy or cheesy sauce like alfredo."/ CNA










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