Dua Lipa gives honest sex advice

2023-09-04 15:34:00, Lifestyle CNA

Dua Lipa gives honest sex advice

On Dua Lipa's podcast 'At Your Service', the singer recently revealed some intimate details of her personal life, explaining what she considers important in the bedroom.

The 28-year-old pop star revealed that one of the most important aspects of a couple's sex life is honesty and encouraged listeners to normalize open conversations about their needs.

According to her, it's "strange" to be silent about your sexual needs in a relationship, adding: "Not talking about sex with the person you're having sex with is a strange anomaly to me."

The star continued: "I think it's important to normalize the conversation about sex and make it a topic that we can talk about more freely so that we can get rid of the guilt and shame that surrounds it."

Dua Lipa is currently in a relationship with French director Romain Gavras and things seem to be going very well. Gavras met her parents and recently traveled with the singer and her family to Ibiza to celebrate her birthday and during the summer they also visited Greece./ CNA

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